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 The ship was old once it had been a big ship

now, it was small compared with the newer fleet.

The shower system only had saltwater which was nice

to cool off after a hot day in the Red sea.

But we had to rinse the body with fresh water

or we would scratch all night.

For months we didn´t have a proper shower until the ship

went to Bremerhaven for repairs.

We got warm water from the shore, and what a luxury

I stood under the shower until the other crew member said

I was taking all the warm water.

Thinking about the shower going back fifty years,

I still shudder with delight.

Whatever I had done the night before a shower helped

clearing the head and chasing away any regrets.

We had only one type of soap, “lifebuoy.”

The whores liked us smelling fresh they knew we were

clean seamen.

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