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Husband Tries To Frame Me For Cheating With Secret Paternity Test Behind My Back & Blames ME For It

My husband demands paternity test for our baby because he believes I cheated on him and he is raising not his child. First off all I never cheated and he had absolutely no suspicions for spouse cheating but I told him his demand insulted me extremely. I told him to fix his issues or we are divorcing but he says he can do a paternity test even without my permission!

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37 thoughts on “Husband Tries To Frame Me For Cheating With Secret Paternity Test Behind My Back & Blames ME For It

  1. I don’t understand how the first OP was making it all about her when I feel like it very much is about her and his trust in her. The kid wouldn’t mysteriously not be his. It would have to mean cheating. How is that not about her?

  2. 1st story.update: they got a dna test after a counselor said to on their first visit with her. Kid is his, he was pissed and started going insane over it and they're getting a divorce. He treated the boy like crap and her. They found out the results with the counselor and he wouldn't talk to either of them and left temporarily. Needless to say she's free of him and so is their son Thank God

  3. You can't baptize a child without both the parents blessings.
    Arguably you can't baptize a child, baptism is a self choice, only thing Grandma can do is dedicate that she'll do her best to teach the child the way of the Lord aka why small children and babies are dedicated.
    Also she called the priest and tell them that you never signed off on that, she could potentially be kicked out of the church.

  4. The baptismal story, his MIL was an asshole for doing that but what bothered me was he feels it is his decision and his decision alone if his child is baptized and if his wife is fine with it, then its fine, that is her child too. I have a feeling the wife knew it was going to happen and I am beginning to think OP is a "his way or no way" kind of spouse and father and that is not how that works.

  5. The last story, woman needs a pregnancy test! There’s a reason there’s a tv show called, “I didn’t know I was pregnant!” There are lots of woman who didn’t think they could get pregnant who did and then surprise! Here’s baby! Lol

  6. First op should say fine we can do the test, but when he gets confirmation the child is his, he loses all contact with the child after the divorce, as he is accusing op of cheating and he must pay the penalty for the accusations

  7. Who said the lady was the idiot about the paternity test?, a man who had the same problem?, well not all women are like that she's allowed to feel offended maybe she didn't cheat, maybe the baby looks more like the mom dang, I hope the man is mad about the grandparents dismissing his wishes and not cause they baptized their grandchild I hope if by some chance the son does want to become catholic or whatever they choose that they support them

  8. I'm a man so I can understand if OP husband's wants to get the test done, I believe every man should be able to prove that their child is theirs but from the way the post was written it feels like there is another issue present. Therapy and medication might help, a private investigator might help if you start to worry but I wouldn't go there yet. Good luck.

  9. DNA Test Story – Just do the DNA test and prove him wrong. Get it over with. With that been said, he cannot expect for you to EVER look at him the same way because let's face it, just because some people cheat on their significant others doesn't mean that we all do. I'm sick of people making excuses for other people's insecurities. I think that there is more to this guy's "all of the sudden" concerns about his son/daugter's paternity suspicions. Most times when this kind of behaviour appears on one of the partners in a relationship is a reflection of their own guilt for steping out of the marriage. He wants a paternity test, fine, then have him get a lie detector test because now you are having your own "anxiety/doubts/isues" because this whole situation have made her have her own doubts about his fidelity. I'm pretty sure that he is not going to like that one and say that it is not same thing. Get some therapy FFS people because this situation is not just affecting you guys it will probably will spill to their child too.

    Religious IL Story – I'm with the father on this one. The IL's cross a line that should've never been crossed. His wife trying downplaying and making excuses about not being a big deal is pure BS. IT IS a big deal. If they don't put their foot down now the IL's will feel more entitled and will feel that in the future they can do more because they already got away with what they did since it was "not a big deal". I completely agree with the father on this one and allow only visits when they are present. It's their child NOT the IL's child.

  10. Second story demonstrate why it's important to marry within your religion, or at the very least, settle the religion issue before you marry. Settle how you will raise the kids, would you attend both churches, etc.

  11. Going against the grain here but I’d say ESH for the second story. The mother in law should not have done that, but I don’t see it as a power play. I think she had good intentions and weighed upsetting OP versus her grandson going to hell (as this is what she believes). OP’s wife should be willing to understand her husband’s feelings towards this and shouldn’t be excusing her mother. However, OP is only one of two parents. He doesn’t get to say who sees his son unsupervised without his wife’s approval. Plus, he didn’t even take into consideration how this would affect his wife’s familial relations. They should honestly have a calm discussion with each other about why they each feel the way they do and work out some sort of compromise between them as well as speak with MIL about how it was inappropriate and reaffirm their boundaries and if MIL pulls some bs like that again, then they should consider going NC or only supervised visits.

  12. In regards to the baptism story, for crying out loud. I’m a Christian and I got to say this is exactly what turns people off when it comes to religion. That mother-in-law was 100% wrong. There’s no way she should’ve done that without OP and his wife’s knowledge and consent. And the husband is 100% right to say that the grandparents should not be allowed to be with grandchild unsupervised. If this wife wasn’t so busy trying. To defend what she knows was wrong she could see that.

  13. Baptism story: what if the MIL thought the kid was possessed by demons, and did an exorcism behind the parents' backs? Would the wife still say, "oh it's ok, she did what she thought was best for our son"?

  14. Let me Guess, Friends that are woman "he is crazy", Friends that are men "well just do it, whats the issue?"

    He should get mental help? Yes, but that wasnt OP first idea. You know what give more peace? The fast answe "ok, if You want to lose time", because You have nothing to hide or lose.

    Usually women only understand this when brother/son suffered a pareral fraud. And yet "men don't have emphaty'.

  15. Class Ring Story: NTA. "He TOLD me not to get it…" If OP and husband have a joint account but maintain separate accounts that the other has no say than husband was out of line to TELL OP what to do as if OP was a child.

  16. paternaty tests should be standart at every birth without asking for it. too many ppl find out years later they got cheated on. and who knows how many men never find out

  17. 7:28 – "not active harm"? "in any way"?
    if the act of baptism into specific religion is nothing, then why do it at all? belief. sure, ok, fine. then why did MiL enforce her belief against other people in a forceful and deceitful way. if fathers belief turns out to be right, he is harmed. for all eternety. if any other religious belief turns out to be true, kid is again harmed. one could argue that kid could make the same choice, later in life, and again be harmed but major flaw still remains. that is, MiL chose for him. kid has no choice now. never will.
    baptism is branding. it is permanent, unremovable tattoo for the soul. kid is the only individual that can choose to do that and how to do that if he ever wants. anything other is amoral. it makes me sad such things are done in name of christianity, religion that boasts idioms like "love others" and "free will".
    sickening how conceit of one individual forced another into religious slavery for all eternity.

  18. With the last story, even menopause isn't a guarantee. My maternal grandma had completed menopause and a year later she suddenly had one really light period. Doctor told her this was normal. Not long after, she was pregnant with her 9th and final child.

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