How To Win Friends And Influence People Audiobook

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  1. Based on all the comments, this book sounds like the perfect guide to being everything fake and selling your individuality to get along with others and not actually being your true self.

  2. – Leute mehr loben für eine gute Tat statt kritisieren, man wiederholt eher eine Tat für die man gelobt wurde als dann man eine Tat unterlässt weil sie kritisiert wurde
    -wenn man will dass Menschen etw. machen, dann auf eine Art erklären dass es für sie beneficial ist , ohne zu zeigen, dass es für einen selbst beneficial ist
    – Menschen hassen Kritik, versuchen schuld von sich selbst abzuweisen und auf andere zu wältzen- wollen keine Verantwortung für die schlechte Situation
    -nicht kritisieren, dann wird man auch nicht kritisiert, gut reden dann wird auch ü dich gut geredet
    – Nur gut reden über andere, nie schlecht
    – nicht zu viel erwarten von denen die wir lieben, sie sind nicht perfekt, mehr versuchen sie zu verstehen

  3. A wonderful book for those that want to not only be an effective communicator, but to overall be a better person to those around them. It's always a good thing to revisit often.

  4. Only twenty minutes in but I like it already, the style of writing alone is very engaging. the narrator is great too.

    35 minutes in: It's great, Carnegie knew what he was talking about on a deep level.

    "Hurting people not only does not change them, it is never called for."


    I've been quite emotional lately anyway, since my father died, but that did really bring tears to my eyes

  5. In a culture that is thriving on toxicity in every manner possible by over exemplifying their out of control egos (their desperation to be right under & in all circumstances), this book teaches how to be the exact opposite — & how to deal with such people as they writhe for self-importance.

  6. My father took the Dale Carnegie course a few years after he opened his barbershop in Enfield Ct in 1965. By applying the lessons learned from reading the book and attending the classes, he was able to become a more successful businessman along with also enhancing the relationships he had with his customers, friends, and our family. By sharing with me what he had learned, I was able to do the same throughout my life. At 63 years of age, I am now refreshing myself with the audio version of " how to win friends and influence people. Growing up, I may not have used all the techniques all the time, but with some of the very basic advice, I was able to be consistent in my dealings with friends and family. I became a barber like my father and, over the years as he did, i have maintained some wonderful relationships with customers who became good friends over the course of 43 years in this barber/ service industry. Listening now, I realize that I have actually used more of the techniques and people skills in my life than I thought I had. Thank you, Dad ,Dale, for sharing and caring in helping to make life more understandable, even still at my age now!….John

  7. I've finished reading this book today! I hope I can live up to these principles and have better relationships with people around me. The most important thing I've learned from this book is to think things from the other's perspective. Thanks for uploading this audiobook.

  8. I'm not even halfway listening to this audiobook and I've restored an old broken friendship, solved misunderstanding with other friends. I'm really convinced wisdom is truly profitable in all we do and say.

  9. Storytelling format is easy to follow and not boring. Today I saw chicken George (Roots) using these skills to influence people during the conflicts of slavery.

  10. What if i just genuinely don’t care about people because of nature, if i force it will it not come across inauthentic. How can i change my lack of interest

  11. PART ONE :

    Fundamental Techniques in Handling People

    (0:14:42) Chapter 1: “If You Want to Gather Honey, Don’t Kick Over the Beehive”

    (0:44:33) Chapter 2: The Big Secret of Dealing with People

    (1:11:25) Chapter 3: “He Who Can Do This Has the Whole World with Him. He Who Cannot Walks a Lonely Way”

    PART TWO :

    Six Ways to Make People Like You

    (1:45:52) Chapter 1: Do This and You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere

    (2:10:31) Chapter 2: A Simple Way to Make a Good First Impression

    (2:25:26) Chapter 3: If You Don’t Do This, You Are Headed for Trouble

    (2:42:17) Chapter 4: An Easy Way to Become a Good Conversationalist

    (3:00:28) Chapter 5: How to Interest People

    (3:08:37) Chapter 6: How to Make People Like You Instantly


    How to Win People to Your Way of Thinking

    (3:32:45) Chapter 1: You Can’t Win an Argument

    (3:46:04) Chapter 2: A Sure Way of Making Enemies—and How to Avoid It

    (4:08:43) Chapter 3: If You’re Wrong, Admit It

    (4:24:08) Chapter 4: A Drop of Honey

    (4:41:13) Chapter 5: The Secret of Socrates

    (4:52:20) Chapter 6: The Safety Valve in Handling Complaints

    (5:01:48) Chapter 7: How to Get Cooperation

    (5:12:19) Chapter 8: A Formula That Will Work Wonders for You

    (5:22:35) Chapter 9: What Everybody Wants

    (5:37:36) Chapter 10: An Appeal That Everybody Likes

    (5:47:22) Chapter 11: The Movies Do It. TV Does It. Why Don’t You Do It?

    (5:55:20) Chapter 12: When Nothing Else Works, Try This


    Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offense or Arousing Resentment

    (6:02:43) Chapter 1: If You Must Find Fault, This Is the Way to Begin

    (6:13:40) Chapter 2: How to Criticize and Not Be Hated for It

    (6:21:04) Chapter 3: Talk About Your Own Mistakes First

    (6:29:50) Chapter 4: No One Likes to Take Orders

    (6:33:57) Chapter 5: Let the Other Person Save Face

    (6:40:24) Chapter 6: How to Spur People On to Success

    (6:50:19) Chapter 7: Give a Dog a Good Name

    (6:58:28) Chapter 8: Make the Fault Seem Easy to Correct

    (::) Chapter 9: Making People Glad to Do What You Want

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