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How To Use Dental Floss To (Finally) Eliminate Flyaways

Textured, tousled ponytails have their time and place (even frizz can add some natural fluffiness to your style), but when you crave a sleek updo, errant hairs are most unwelcome. So imagine when you’ve expertly slicked back your roots and a pesky flyaway or two still makes its appearance: To lay down every last hair, you may load on the gel and/or hairspray—so much product that the crown of your head feels more like a crispy shell for your scalp. Oh, the joy that is smoothing down flyaways. 

It’s such a common gripe, in fact, that many hairstylists have their go-to flyaway hacks—old dryer sheets, lip balm, body lotion, to name a few—and every time a new trick pops up promising to help those hairs stay down, we’re more than ready to add it to our growing list.

That said, we recently came across a unique tip (tried and tested by NYC-based hairstylist Matt Newman), and it may just be what you need to achieve that level of sleek. To (finally) eliminate flyaways, stow the extra stylers—all you need is a roll of dental floss. 

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