How to safely install Baby Monitors? Complete Guide 2021

Two hours into our heated arguments on the best color best fitted for the baby’s room, I finally figured it out. “Lightning was no problem but colors were not just my thing. Well, that aside now it’s time to fit in the crib and set up the baby monitor” I thought to myself. Little did I know hours would soon go by before I would figure this out too. Then it started again, another issue to argue upon, my myself and I, it is not an easy feat being a parent, but it sure is worth it and in minutes, setting up a baby monitor is possible.

How To Install Baby Monitors Safely

Baby monitors are lifesavers especially in a home where both parents are always occupied with one activity or the other.  However,  not all parents know what a baby monitor is.

A baby monitor can also be called a baby alarm.  It is a radio system used to listen to sounds made by a baby.  A baby monitor generally can exist as a two-way communicator one-way communication radio system.

However, they are made in different types, which are the Audio feed Baby monitors, and Video feed monitors.

The Audio Feed Monitor:

this type of radio system is equipped with a sensitive audio receiver on one end (the monitor with the baby) and a speaker on the other end (the monitor with the parent). Audios or rather sound waves are carried to the monitor which then travels to the speaker.

Moreover, in the case of a two-way communication monitor, the two ends of the monitor have a receiver and a speaker. Some audio feed monitors allow music and tones to be played.

The Video Feed Monitor

Just like the audio feed monitor is equipped with a receiver and speaker but in this case, it is also armed with a video camera and a video receiver. The video feed baby monitor is called a baby cam.

The question: how do you install a baby monitor safely? Has become a prevalent one, and what took me hours, can take you a reasonable number of minutes.

Installing a baby monitor safely entails taking the following basics to heart:

  • Location
  • Cord control
  • Angle
  • The don’ts.


Baby monitors can be fixed anywhere, but not more than a range of three to five feet (3-5fts) from the infant’s sleeping pod, crib, pack and play, bassinet, etc. This is for the reason that even though that at this stage of their lives babies can grasp things, talk more; a monitor, but children grow and hence preventive measures are to be taking.

Now, the location of the baby monitor is not only considered to prevent grasping by children but also parents.

Cord control

just as the location is to be considered high, the electrical cords of the monitors are also to be put into consideration, given the fact that exposure of the cords could result in injury to the child if pulled, and damage to the monitor if pulled.

Angles; the angles at which the monitors are very important getting the best from it.

The Don’ts

Baby monitors are to be put in dry and open spaces, having their cords never to lay loose. Children are never to be left unguarded around the monitors.

Having put the above into consideration, using a baby monitor holder, a baby monitor can be fitted to any part of the nursery. The monitor can be fitted to the crib or other furniture, but best to be fitted to the wall of the nursery.

Frequently Asked Questions

However the type of monitor that may be considered for the infant, it is necessary to weigh above all, the don’ts of mounting a monitor and abide strictly by the rules and regulations of using one.

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