How to Reverse Insulin Resistance FAST! (BEST FOODS FOR INSULIN RESISTANCE)

If you are insulin resistant there are certain foods you want to eat and ones to avoid. Insulin resistance can be reversed through diet and lifestyle change.


30 thoughts on “How to Reverse Insulin Resistance FAST! (BEST FOODS FOR INSULIN RESISTANCE)

  1. So I am 5/8 320 57 yo—– I was a bodybuilder and a personal trainer for about 30 years I competed on a national level when I turned 46 I got ashma they gave me a medicine that made me balloon to 275 from a weight of 200 lbs also I was about 6 prcnt body fat .Back to 46 so I trained from 19 to 46 6 days a week the food I ate was mostly meat fish eggs and protein shakes with next to know carbs in the drink.So from 46 to know I been taking medaform and last week they up my milagram to a 1000 day I have chronic diarea and constapation I also take Lisinopril amidalodfean and atoravastatin my stomach is always bothering me bow trouble acid reflux and with covid I do not exercise anymore and haven't for about ten years I feel now that I walk for about a mile in half a day then go into the sauna for a have hour at about 100 degrees I should be losing something but I haven t lost a pound and my ankle always hurt when I walk and with all that going on I also have sleep apnea the dangerous one I feel like I'm dying a slow death can you in some way assist me sincerely yours Adrian….

  2. There are no fixed methods or medicines to keep blood sugar at constant level. B.P. and Diabetese are changing everyday. It depends on 3 factors Viz. Food, exercises and stress level. Anyone of the three factors is likely to go up and down on a daily basis. So diabetes is a disorder of our digestive system which can be monitored at advantageous levels. So every human being is prone to be a diabetic. Allowing it to dominate our mind aggravates the diabetic system.

  3. But how much fat quantity in a day can u do general idea of the amount in a day it’s very confusing otherwise b’cos I do not know how much minimum I should in take please do specify

  4. Carbs are not the same, sugar are not all the same. It is very dangerous if you see sugar as glucose (only). And more dangerous is if you can't see industrial fructose poisoning. (Not fructose packed with fibers which is called fruits, but HFCS – processed GM corn starch, chemically divided into separate 45% glucose and 55% fructose). How can you connect potassium with diabetes and obesity increase, and not invention and increasing in HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) when compare 70' and nowdays is intriguing. Even IF you do PT, eat in time lapses and even if you stick to the percentages of meal ingredients, IF your carbs are mostly HFCS (and they are almost in all processed food), you'll develop fat liver, insuline resistancy, than diabetes 2…. and who know what else. During HFCS poisoning, you can be obese too, but, not necessery – your much more harmful fat can be in your intestine instead of your visible beer-belly. Insuline resistancy and diabetes 2 develops non-obese persons too. Whether they consume too much HFCS or alcohole or both. Alcohole, derivate of fructose, harm in simillar way + addiction, because, HFCS can be processed only in liver, and alcohole in the brain and liver. Picture is more complex.

  5. im just worried because im already very skinny and I dont want to lose weight at all. I want to cut down on rice and bread and stuff but do you know how I can prevent losing weight?

  6. Thank you for this upload. Question can Coconut Oil be used in the place of Olive Oil please? Also could the Coconut Oil be used in the Bullet proof coffee? Thank you in anticipation. 🧡

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