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How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine: Slim + Brighten

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Jade Rollers are everywhere, and the claims include preventing acne, reducing pores, inflammation & puffiness, brightening the skin and also anti aging benefits! Basically it says by incorporating it into your skincare routine, you’ll be a flawless angel. But how many of us really know how to use it, and the meaning behind the materials like jade and rose quartz?? We explore that all in this video! x

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39 thoughts on “How To Really Use the Jade Roller In Your Skincare Routine: Slim + Brighten

  1. Is it an issue to hold the same pressure for the under-the-eye-area with a jade Roller as for the rest of the face? Or do I have to doit more gently ? But I always forget that to be honest… Do I get wrinkles then under the eyes when the pressure is too high?

  2. Oh yes there is this De-Puffing Jade Eye Massage Tool from Mount Lai which I dont see that you have done any review. If you do have the chance, could you share your view by doing an online video too:) Thanks

  3. I loooooove this video. I specifically looked for a Chinese person to explain this because… it's part of Chinese medicine…soooo…thank you so much. SO helpful and informative. You ladies are adorable and amazing!

  4. Hey guyssss! So this is a re-upload from last week but we added and also cut some parts into it since we felt that the last one was still lacking some information 😊Just want to make sure what we share with you guys is as real as it can be, yahhh knoowww?! 😛So anyway, sorry for any of you who thought you were going crazy hahah. WE LOVE YOU 😍

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