How to Plan and Execute Your Autistic Child's Birthday Party With Friends


Consider the time of day and duration of the party. For my son, I scheduled the party when his afternoon meds kicked in and timed it to end 2 hours later. Most of our kiddos have a shelf-life. Even as adults we do!


Keep it simple. You’ll have a lot to manage. A few pizzas and a couple of soda bottles will do the trick. Due to his food sensitivities, my son won’t eat pizza but everyone else will. So we tossed some mac and cheese in a thermos. It was win, win for everyone.

Give Them the Freedom to Not Participate

The main building holds two race tracks and it’s pretty loud and chaotic. At one point, he said he was done. He and I went to the empty party room (all the other kids were racing and watching each other) and I allowed him some quiet time. There was a TV in the room. Luckily I found an episode of Spongebob. After he decompressed a few minutes, he was ready to join his friends again.

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