You responsibly consume cannabis, and have a drug test coming up. You’ve been chugging water all week to flush out your system, as well as eating right and working out in order to speed up your metabolism. You’ve even been taking your B-12 vitamins to confuse the results. You’re all set. Then you hear that it’s not a urine test; it’s a mouth swab test. 

Uh oh. This is a curveball. “How is a mouth swab test different?” you might be asking. “Is it harder to pass than a urine test? What can I do to increase my chances of getting the all-clear?” Take a deep breath and relax. PotGuide is here with some helpful tips and tricks for how to pass your mouth swab test with flying colors.

What is a Mouth Swab Test?

Mouth swab tests have become increasingly common over the years. They’re able to provide faster results without the invasive awkwardness of collecting a urine sample. They’re also able to be performed on-site without the need for a medical professional. Results are available right away, and mouth swab tests are more difficult to alter or tamper with. This makes them the preferred method for roadside cannabis tests, as well as work or school testing.

While standard urine tests check for THC molecules that have been metabolized by your body, a mouth swab tests for unmetabolized THC molecules in your saliva and inside your mouth.

Think of the swab as a tiny detective, searching your mouth for clues. Luckily, much like a detective, time is of the essence in cracking the case. While a urine or blood test can detect cannabis that you consumed weeks ago, a mouth swab test can only detect THC molecules that you consumed in the past 24 hours. More advanced tests can detect cannabis you consumed in the past few days to a week. 

How is it Different from a Saliva Test?

Some readers may have heard of these types of tests referred to as saliva tests. This can cause some confusion because of the different names. A mouth swab test and a saliva test are the same thing, and the terms are used interchangeably. If you know how to pass a mouth swab test, you’ll also know how to pass a saliva test.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test

As they are unfamiliar to many consumers, you may be wary of taking a mouth swab drug test. You shouldn’t be. They are far easier to pass than a urine or blood test. So put down that jug of water, cranberry juice, or coffee and follow these easy steps. 

Tolerance Breaks

As long as you have advance notice and don’t need to smoke cannabis for a medical condition, a short tolerance break (“T-break”) can get you past that test with ease. If you’re a lighter smoker, a good 24 hours without lighting up should clear any THC molecules from the lining of your cheeks. 

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The best way to ensure you will pass your drug test is to abstain from smoking until after the test is complete. photo credit

If you’re a heavier cannabis user and/or the test is extra important to your career/freedom/etc, a week-long T-break will make extra sure your mouth is free of any incriminating evidence. If you do need to consume cannabis as a medical treatment, it’s a good idea to switch to edibles or transdermal patches for the days leading up to the test. That way, most of the THC molecules end up in your bloodstream rather than your mouth.

Brush, Floss, Rinse, Repeat

Whether you’re consuming edibles or inhaling cannabis, remember that Detective Mouth Swab is always searching for clues. Any remaining edible particles stuck in between your teeth or infused beverage coating your cheeks are evidence that will close the case. In the days leading up to your mouth swab, be sure to brush and floss regularly (you should be doing this anyway). Swishing some mouthwash around after doesn’t hurt, but know that if the test is coming up, it’ll only alter your saliva for about a half-hour. Brushing and flossing are your best bet for keeping that test negative. If the mouth swab comes up unexpectedly, a thorough brush, floss, and mouthwash can help ensure that your cat-and-mouse game with Detective Mouth Swab continues.

Wash Your Mouth Out

Staying hydrated means that you’ll flush the THC molecules out of your mouth more regularly. As an extra precaution, swishing water around your mouth before swallowing can wash away any stubborn THC molecules. Get vigorous with it. Think of it as a car wash, and your automobile is extra dirty.

Watch Out For CBD

Drug tests cast a pretty wide net. While CBD is legal and your average drug test won’t screen for it, the test may still pick up the trace amounts of THC contained in CBD. It’s not likely to happen, but if the test is super important, either abstain from CBD as well or follow the above steps.

The Wrap Up

If you’ve got a mouth swab/saliva test coming up, don’t worry. Even though you may be unfamiliar with them, they’re much easier to pass than a urine or blood test. Either abstain or get dentally vigilant, and you’ll leave Detective Mouth Swab with no evidence to go on.

What are your tips for beating a mouth swab drug test? Share in the comments!

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