Today we are making handprint art with the entire family…including the pets! {Giggle}

I love the idea of making a moment memory of everyone’s handprints in one cool piece of keepsake art.  Choose which handprint art idea fits your family the best!

Let’s make a family handprint art keepsake!

Family Handprint Art

This idea came to my family back in 2020 when we were spending a lot of time together!  It was definitely a bonding experience — we watched a lot of movies, TV, did projects together around the house.

We memorialized it with a piece of family handprint art.

Family Handprint Ideas

People all over are trying to do the same things.

We’ve all seen the handprint art projects on Pinterest that have various themes depending on the holiday or time of year.

Well, now people are doing handprint art to remember different times and events for their families.

Handprint Art in Social Media

On Facebook and Instagram, people are showing off their creations.

Some are just simple paper hand cutouts, one for each family member.

During the pandemic they used phrases like:

    • When the world stayed apart, this was my favorite place to be
    • During a moment of time in which the World needed everyone to stay apart…We stayed in together.

While others added in paw prints of the animals that are staying in with them.

I love that idea of adding in the dogs & cats to the family handprint art project.

It is so fun to see families look back on a difficult time and remember what they did during this time of togetherness.


Simple Family Handprint Art Idea - Paint - Kids Activities Blog
Make a moment-in-time handprint keepsake with paint!

Quick Family Handprint Art Idea

One of the quickest ways to make a family handprint keepsake is simply to grab some washable paint, a paintbrush and a piece of paper.

Paint each family member’s hand with desired paint color and gently lay it on the paper making sure the entire handprint is made.  Let dry.  Optionally, add a title or date.

Sand family handprint art idea - Kids Activities Blog
Make a family handprint heart in the sand and then take a picture!

Sand Family Handprint Idea

While this may feel temporary and not art you can keep forever, just pull out your phone and take a picture.  Using that picture in the home or on your next holiday card can bring back the memories.

I love the idea of surrounding the family handprints with a heart.

Also, add the date and repeat on every visit to the beach!

Psssst…the sand box can work for this too.

Family handprint collage - Kids Activities Blog
Layer your family handprint and then frame!

Framed Family Handprint

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we originally created this family handprint as Valentine art.  But you can grab the instructions and make it for any day of the year!

I love having this framed keepsake in a special place.

More Handprint Art Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

Which family handprint art idea are you going to try?


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