How to Lose Weight After 50: The 3-Step Method (2021)

How do you lose weight after 50? 

Today, we’ll look at what it takes to boost your metabolism and lose weight in your 50s to get results like this:

Want to learn more? Let’s go. 

Want to boost your metabolism? 

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My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

How to lose weight after 50

Have you noticed that it’s so much harder to lose weight now than it used to be? 

Your metabolism has changed, yes. But even more so, you use the wrong strategies and those are keeping you stuck. 

At the same time, it’s so important to start losing weight now. 

Why? Let’s find out.

You should do it for your health

In your 50s, you finally have time for yourself. If you’ve been raising kids, your kids are now older. They might soon be going to college or they’ve already left for college. 

This is the moment that you can spend on yourself and really think about your upcoming decades and your post-retirement life so that you can be active and experience life to its fullest. You need to take care of your body to do that, though. 

You might already have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol or pre-diabetes or diabetes. And you may be taking medications, or you may soon be taking medications if you don’t make changes. 

Even being slightly overweight will increase the risk of health problems. And the risk goes up the more overweight you are. 

But that’s not all…

Your health is not the ONLY reason to focus on your weight. 

When you lose weight, you get more energy. Even losing 5% of your weight will help. According to Harvard Health, the more you weigh, the more your body has to work to move.

This process requires adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a molecule that delivers energy to your cells. When you lose weight, you use less ATP so you have more energy for other things. 

An added benefit? You feel younger. 

What’s more, with your new energy, you can start pursuing your passions and interests in life, starting a business, and getting into a new hobby like playing tennis or golf. You might pursue a new degree, as my client Stephanie did. After losing weight, she decided to pursue a PhD in leadership. 

You also have more energy for walking your dogs and for your grandchildren (or future grandchildren). 

You feel better in your body. There’s every reason that you can look amazing in a bathing suit in your fifties and fit into old clothes. 

Vicky lost 17 lbs and is now feeling much more confident in a bathing suit!

And you know what?

If you get started now, you can actually be more fit in five years from now than you are right now. 

But why does it feel so hard to lose weight after 50? 

Actually, it’s completely normal. But there are ways to lose weight despite changes in your metabolism. Here’s what you need to know.

Want to boost your metabolism? 

Get your own downloadable Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet PDF with the sweet spice that helps you get off of sugar. (You also get my late-night sweet & slimming tea recipe!)

My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

Why it feels MUCH harder to lose weight now than just a few years ago

You want to lose weight, but it feels hard. Whatever you try doesn’t work and you have a hard time staying on track. Why? 

Weight loss over 50 and menopause

In your 50s, you hit menopause or you’ve already hit menopause, which makes a big difference for your weight loss. 

Your body just doesn’t work the way it used to. As studies show, your metabolism slows down. Specifically in your 50s, estrogen and testosterone start to decline, which makes it harder to lose weight. 

So what used to work doesn’t work anymore. To lose weight, you need new strategies. 

You need to change your habits

But it’s not just the fact that your body is changing that’s holding you back.

If you’ve always struggled with weight loss, you likely need to build new habits. This requires accountability and support.

In fact, studies show that these are key for getting results when you’re losing weight.

This accountability and support can take many forms. It could be a friend or a mentor. The most effective accountability is someone who knows from experience when you will likely need accountability and what type of accountability. 

So, now that you know WHY it’s so hard for you to lose weight, how do you actually take steps to fix it? Here’s what you need to know. 

The surprising weight-loss strategy for women in their 50s

With the right strategies, it immediately becomes possible and even easy to lose weight. First of all, you need to eat right to boost your metabolism. Here’s how.

The best diet for females over 50

What you eat (or don’t eat) has a major impact on how well you lose weight.

But while many think a restrictive diet is the answer, this is not at all the case. 

Before I successfully lost 40 pounds, I used to sign up for every diet under the sun. They did help me lose weight for a short while, but that weight (and more) would eventually come back.

It wasn’t before I understood that it’s not so much restricting yourself that counts. It’s eating the right foods.

You see, restrictive diets actually work to slow your metabolism. 

And what we see in my weight loss program is that most women are undereating rather than overeating. To lose weight, you need to eat MORE of the right foods to boost your metabolism and lose belly weight after 50. 

So you can actually lose weight and feel satisfied and full. The best part is that you can indulge in really tasty food and throw out all those tasteless and unhealthy artificial diet supplements. 

Sample meal plan for 50-year old women

But what does the “right” food look like? 

Here’s a sample meal plan:

Breakfast: Metabolism-Boosting Morning Smoothie

Lunch: Chicken Breast, Chickpeas or Quinoa, and Broccoli & Bell Peppers

Snack: 20 almonds or Hummus & Carrots

Dinner: Salmon & Asparagus

As you can see, this is food that doesn’t make you feel wanting for more. I’ve had students in my program who say they’ve completely lost their need to snack on sweets because the food they eat is already so satisfying. The need for sweet snacks just goes away. 

Slim Down Transformation might help

If you think your metabolism has slowed down, all you have to do is try our program, Slim Down Transformation. We help you speed your metabolism immediately. 

We use natural and real foods that you can find in a grocery store, like the meal plan above. When you eat real foods and you eat the right way, that is natural medicine and you don’t need medications. 

You learn how to create a plan every day of what to eat and how to eat it and that’s what changes everything. 

The best form of training for you

Another part of your weight loss journey is to exercise.

This is actually not just important for you to lose weight, but to keep up your energy level and build up a strong body. You build your bones, your muscles, and your strength so that you can do things like go rock climbing, hiking, and playing with your grandchildren. 

That’s why strength training is the most important form of exercise for you. Research shows that if you strength train, you’ll lose more weight faster. 

I recommend that you strength train two times per week for 30 minutes/session. Then, you should also do 15 minutes of cardio (biking, walking, or jogging) 2-3 days a week. 

Get accountability and support

The last step is to get the accountability and support that you need. 

In our program, Slim Down Transformation, you get personalized help from trained accountability coaches who support you every step of the way. 

This is to ensure that you don’t lose your motivation. Your weight loss journey has a lot to do with shifting to new habits and there are easy pitfalls along the way. But with an accountability coach, you have the support you need to take action. 

Want to boost your metabolism? 

Get your own downloadable Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet PDF with the sweet spice that helps you get off of sugar. (You also get my late-night sweet & slimming tea recipe!)

My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

Losing weight after 50 – success stories 

Now you know how to lose weight in your 50s. But what are some actual success stories? Here’s how several of my students in their 50s have been able to lose weight… and keep it off!


Stephanie, one of my star students, has a busy job, a grown-up daughter and she also does a lot of volunteering in her community. She used to have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and she had recently found out that she was pre-diabetes. Stephanie wasn’t that overweight, but she felt her health was spiraling. She would stress eat and constantly snack on sugary foods. 

During our time together, Stephanie’s goal was to lose 10 pounds. She ended up losing 15 pounds and lost 3 inches off the hips and waist. 

The best part? Her health has taken a major turn. She’s no longer pre-diabetes and her cholesterol and blood pressure reached healthy levels. 

Stephanie has so much more energy these days that she even decided to finally make a dream come true and get back to school. She’s now studying for a master’s and a PhD in leadership. 

The reason she was able to do all this?

She’s able to control her sugar cravings thanks to the mindset shifts she went through in my program. As Stephanie puts it:  

“It’s all real food. It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change. The great thing is that you’re not giving up a food group. You can eat whatever you want, you just learn how to control what you eat and not being controlled by what you eat.”


Patti, who is 58, lost 27 pounds in 90 days. Her goal is 60 pounds and there’s every reason it’s going to happen. 

The reason she was able to lose all this weight in such a short timeframe?

We gave her specific metabolism-boosting meal plans that are family-friendly. Even her husband loves them! We kept her motivated through accountability and we had multiple weekly accountability check-ins. Ultimately, she got a simple system that teaches her how to cook delicious food that she’s then created a lifestyle with. Oh, and she’s done this with no exercise. 


Pam, who is 58, is a retired teacher who up until recently used to do everything for her loved ones. She didn’t really have time for herself and as a result, her health declined. 

She was morbidly obese and struggled with several health issues, such as walking her cute new puppies. But it wasn’t like she didn’t do anything — Pam had tried programs like Weight Watchers before. But nothing seemed to work.

That’s when she decided to join my program. What really appealed to her was all the support she would get and that she would be part of a community. 

Did it pay off? You bet! Pam lost 33 lbs, 2 inches off her bust, 4 off her waist, and 4 inches off her hips. She lost 30 lbs without any exercise and once she felt more energized, she added on exercise. 

She fits into new clothes (and is getting rid of the old ones for good), she exercises every day, walks her dogs, and feels more confident. During our interview, she could even wear a tank top that is two sizes down from her previous size. 

And does she think the changes will stick? Pam says yes, because the program is about mindset and not some quick fix. 

She’s looking forward to traveling and finally enjoying her 50s and 60s to the fullest!


Anita is 55, a teacher and mom of two daughters. As Anita is an Indian vegetarian, she doesn’t eat some foods like eggs and tofu. For many, this can make it harder to lose weight because it feels like there aren’t enough healthy alternatives. 

But as Anita’s daughters are older and independent, she saw this as the moment to spend on herself and take care of herself. She gave herself permission to lose weight and by doing that, she knew she had to learn new strategies and get accountability to stay on track. 

Within the first month, she had already lost her first five pounds and kept going from there. 


Vicky, who has two grown-up children, has tried to lose weight her whole life and gone through various programs. None of them worked for her and she quickly gave up on them as they weren’t easy to follow.

Vicky used to feel so tired after every day at work and in the breaks, she would just snack. 

But after going through my program, she lost 17 pounds in the first 8 weeks without exercise. She also shed 7.5 inches off her body. Vicky used to be size 14, almost 16. But she’s gone down to size 12 and looks forward to being able to wear her old clothes again. 

She feels more energized and now, instead of napping or snacking, she’ll take walks because she has so much more energy. She loves the food and that she never feels hungry!

Over to you!

There you have it. Now you know what it takes to lose weight after 50.

It IS possible to lose weight in your 50s. What it comes down to is using the RIGHT weight loss strategies — not to deprive yourself or use unhealthy supplements. 

What have you tried so far to lose weight? 

Let me know in the comments below!

Want to boost your metabolism? 

Get your own downloadable Sweet Spice Cheat Sheet PDF with the sweet spice that helps you get off of sugar. (You also get my late-night sweet & slimming tea recipe!)

My strategies have helped busy women lose 40 pounds and beyond, shed their belly fat, and finally feel good in a bikini.

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