How to HEAL Depression & Anxiety β”‚ 10 tips to truly heal yourself πŸ¦‹

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To be honest, I can’t remember a time from my childhood when I was happy. I struggled with depression and anxiety from a very early age, which eventually took me on a very long path of healing and understanding depression and it’s causes.

I am no longer depressed, but I take depression very seriously and watch out for any signs of it coming back. I make sure to take extra good care of myself when I feel down or extra anxious to make sure my depression won’t come back.

I have been free from my depression for the past few years and not being depressed is *maybe not surprisingly* the best thing ever! And I want to know that despite what other people might say, healing is possible.

In this video I talk about depression and anxiety, but please be aware that I do touch briefly on topics that might be triggering to some, such as self-harm, eating disorders and suicidal thoughts.

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List of Content
00:36 My depression
01:16 It isn’t your fault
02:01 Medication doesn’t heal depression
03:16 My experience with anti-depressants
04:27 Natural treatments for depression
05:24 Treating the root cause
07:46 You are responsible for healing
08:12 For teenagers
08:27 Stop doing things that doesn’t bring you joy
09:53 Change your physical surroundings
10:33 The Tibetan Monks
11:50 Changing your mental experience
12:19 Conceptual vs. Absolute reality
13:17 Non-dramatic ways of healing
13:42 List of practical things to try
13:49 Healing depression means changing
14:15 Depression is serious
14:53 Thank you

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