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How to Get Rid of Body Acne

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29 thoughts on “How to Get Rid of Body Acne

  1. Idk the only thing that really really helped my acne was accutane, I'd say to give that a shot if it's really bad specially since body acne is a pain to deal with

  2. after switching to drugstore face washes a little over a year ago and discovering neither SA nor benzoyl peroxide works that well for me, i tried the differin gel and that is a life saver!! by far the best acne product i’ve tried and my face cleared up within a couple of weeks. i’m definitely going to have to give it a try on my body

  3. i used to have back acne, then i take deep look on why. When i shower, wash my hair with shampoo and conditioner, I leave my hair down behind my back. My skin is very sensitive, due to this, acne would build up because of the oil. make sure your hair is not touching your back when showering! after that, leave your towel behind your neck/back then, you can place your hair there. i hope this makes sense

  4. Would you recommend using a Benxoyl Peroxide cleanser (PanOxyl Acne Foaming Wash), followed by a retinol serum (CeraVe Skin Renewing Cream Serum), than an intense moisturizer (First Aid Beauty
    Ultra Repair Cream Intense Hydration) on the back area? I stopped my birth control pill in december (9 months ago), and now I have really bad acne on my upper back that I'm desperately trying to cure. Thanks for any recommandation!

  5. It's literally just irritations. I sleep on my back and I get acne on my back. I sleep of my sides and my face gets acne.

    Do I sleep while Floating.?

  6. I've been using the the ordinary glycolic acid 7% followed up with a body lotion after I shower and I find it's helped get rid of most of my shoulder and chest acne. I still get some spots but it's a solid improvement.😌

  7. Do you have any recommendations for scarring from body acne? I've struggled on and off with bacne (usually hormonal) and have some scarring back there. Wondering what the best way to treat it would be.

  8. I had acne on my chest and back for many years when i were younger. I cut coffee out and found that my acne cleared up within a week, i love coffee so sometimes i would go a whole week drinking coffee and my body would pop up with huge red spots again.

  9. I bought the Versed Acne Body Control Mist spray online and I think I just got scammed with the bottle. IT WAS NOT 100ml. The product finished in less then a month. I came back to see Hyram’s bottle and his is full of liquid but mine had something inside that’s like lifting the liquid up from the neck of the bottle and where the sticker is at it’s hollow with no liquid inside. I saw this within 2 weeks of use and it works good but I was so skeptical. I thought since it’s just a mist might be last longer but I guess I was correct it was not enough. So now it’s finished I peeled the sticker out and indeed, the sticker was hiding a hollow bottle with no liquid inside and the top just had something like a layer so that the liquid just appear on the neck of the bottle making me think it’s full. ANYONE HAD THIS?

  10. i had back acne problem for at least 20 years. i always have oily skin, especially from the back of my neck down to the whole back area. Accidentally found a solution about 5 years ago. Is by using face scrub for my face and body everyday. Just normal face scrub will do. eg, Nivea, Biore. Now i feel less oily on my back and definitely no more pimple, no more white heads.

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