Rectangle Body Shape Male Clothing

How to dress for your body type- Rectangle Body Shape Male Clothing

1)- As stated, the size of your chest, waist and hips will be the same, so you have to emphasize your shoulders, this means choose your dress to show the shoulders wide.

2)- Get structured jackets and blazers that add shape to your shoulders. That means take a jacket that has a cushion on the shoulder, the shoulder should be wide and you add shape to your shoulders.

3)- Use horizontal stripes and prints, especially across your upper torso, to make your shoulder look wider as they will add width to your modest frame.

4)- Layering up is something else to consider as well, you should wear a button-down shirt under your crew-neck sweater so it would be great for you to really draw attention to the top.

5)- You have to make sure that your clothes fit at the waist. What I mean to say is that you are wearing a shirt, and the shirt is just cut to go straight. If it goes straight down, the do-it-yourself rectangle exposes the shape. So you take your shirt in “V” shape or get it sewn.

6)- ‘U’ and ‘V’ neckline t-shirts are good choices over you, you can wear them.

7)- Use some accessories to fix eyes like pocket squares, lapel pins, fat ties, wide collars, tie pins around your shoulders. The neck is never out to keep all attention on the upper half.

8)- Whenever you choose pants, trousers or jeans, choose a straight cut slim fit pants.

9)- Choose a single-breasted one to draw the attention of the audience to the upper chest for the suit, and you will look more proportioned and stylish.


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