How to apply for Job in Germany from India or other countries | Germany job search process

In this video I have explained complete job application process and platforms to apply for job in Germany from India or other countries. I have explained the exact process and tips that I used during my job search
The video elaborates below points:
1.Validating your degree and your university in Germany
2. Europass CV format(create CV online) :
3.Cover letter format :
4.Platforms to use while applying for job in Germany
5.Upgrading your LinkedIn profile.
6.Making connections
7.Tips and tricks to find Job


Watch complete Job Interview steps:

My job search experience:

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Create Europass CV at:
Xing: OR
Stack Overflow:

0:00 Introduction
0:38 Validation of Degree
2:20 Scan German Market
3:46 Prepare very good CV
6:44 Make a generic Cover letter
8:57 Build your Linkdin profile
10:26 Add hot skills to linkedin profile
13:16 Recommended – go for Linkedin Premium


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