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How Soon Can STD Symptoms Appear?

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How soon can STD symptoms appear?

This really is going to depend on the person, their immune system, and the type of
virus that they may or may not have. So, for instance, your viral infections
like HIV, herpes, syphilis, and hepatitis, those are going to start to affect your immune
system first, and a lot of times these symptoms won’t come to surface for maybe
years, or decades, depending on the person. Bacterial infections like chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis have symptoms that typically come fairly quickly. For some, it could be years. For others, it could be days after exposure, maybe even 24 hours. So, it really again does depend on the type of STD we’re talking about and then the person and their immune system.

Can I have an STD and not see any symptoms?

Absolutely. A lot of people, for example, have herpes and they may have herpes for one year, five years, ten years, or twenty years and they only find out that they have herpes because they’ve done a basic screening. Maybe they started seeing a new partner, and the partner said “you know what let’s do the right thing and start getting tested. You get tested, I get tested, and we can share the results so we don’t have to use protection,” because who really wants to do that? I get it. I hear the calls. But once they see those test results, they say “oh my gosh how did I test positive for herpes?” It’s just one of the examples of something that can be asymptomatic, and it’s because that person came in contact with someone who was having an outbreak and in turn they have the virus and they’ve been carrying the virus and their body hasn’t shown the symptoms. So, absolutely. Symptoms or no symptoms, you need to get tested.

Should I get tested if I don’t see or feel symptoms?

Yes, absolutely. Since most people aren’t going to show symptoms, it’s definitely important to
get a test between every partner.


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