How much water should you drink a day? | Urologist Debunks Health Myths

An “over sensitive” bladder can be a temporary reaction to drinking more liquid than you normally do in the day. However, if it becomes persistent or if you suffer bouts of incontinence, it’s wise to see your doctor for an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Myths about what normal bladder activity should be like are aplenty, but we consult our urologist to demystify what happens with an overactive bladder.

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Rena Malik, MD is a urologist and pelvic surgeon on youtube to educate people about all things urology including erectile dysfunction, how to increase testosterone, problems with sex, premature ejaculation, urinary leakage, or incontinence, overactive bladder, urinary tract infections, prostate issues and more.

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DISCLAIMER: This video is purely educational and does not constitute medical advice. The content of this video is my personal opinion and not that of my employer(s). Use of this information is at your own risk. Rena Malik, M.D. will not assume any liability for any direct or indirect losses or damages that may result from the use of the information contained in this video including but not limited to economic loss, injury, illness, or death.


00:00 Introduction
00:37 MYTH#1 Drinking less water make you pee less often
01:25 MYTH#2 You need 8 glasses of water a day
03:37 MYTH#3 Leakage is important as women age
04:38 MYTH#4 Shower after sex to prevent UTI
05:13 MYTH#5 You get UTI from poor hygiene
06:01 Happy Bladder health month!

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By admin

30 thoughts on “How much water should you drink a day? | Urologist Debunks Health Myths”
  1. If people would just listen to their bodies they would have a lot less problems and never take your advice from some website that claims to have medical knowledge take it either from your doctor or somebody else that is in the profession like this fantastic lady

  2. 125 ozs???? That’s 4 quarts of water A DAY!!!!
    How can anyone drink 4 quarts of water a day? It doesn’t have a water addiction. I could never drink that much.

  3. When I'm thirsty, the last thing I reach for is a bottle of water – to avoid taking on excess water weight and compromising our precious sustainable resources by leaving a plastic bottle blowing around in the street. An exception of course is sparking water contained in a recyclable glass container such as Perrier or Pellegrino. I also have to admit, I enjoy a glass bottle of soda now and then — and even an occassional bottle of beer. .

  4. Something that I discuss with my patients who drink water all day (and pee all night) is that their drive to drink might not be due to the body's need for water, but to mitigate a dry mouth. You and I know that dry mouth is not the same as fluid balance thirst, but most people don't know that, and there are myriad reasons for dry mouth, medication being at the top of the list. Just another conversation to have with our bottle carriers….. jon

  5. When i was in Iraq and Afghanistan we used to drink a lot of water, the ironi of this because the water was in plastic bottles outside on pallets for weeks on the blistering heat, I'm pretty sure that my fellow OIF-OEF vets are probably carrying some type of illness from this.

  6. Thanks so much: you are stellar.

    Urination is a mystery.

    I have only one cup of coffee mid morning. Relieve myself after. But around 14:30 I drink from the fountain at the gym, and almost immediately I want to urinate which I don’t understand. I then go out and drink a litre of beer, at least, and have no desire to urinate until way past bedtime. The colour during the night is a deep yellow, almost orange. What am I doing wrong?

  7. You only need a lot of water if you are working in a hot environment. Sixteen ounces per day is plenty for normal people. I drink one bottle per day with two cups of coffee and a glass of green tea with lemon. If you are not thirsty, don't drink.

  8. Forty years ago I looked after a patient who had drunk himself into hyponatremic coma on 20 pints of lager. I kid you not! So thanks for mentioning, however obliquely, the toxicity of water taken to excess. And please keep debunking!

  9. I am old. I know a number of highly skill medical professionals whom I trust because I have to trust. You have that magical skill that goes beyond knowledge: you can explain, you can teach.

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