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How much does Mindbody cost? (2021 True Mindbody Software Cost)

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  • Mindbody has four pricing plans for single-site gyms ranging from $139-$699/month.
  • Mindbody has custom pricing for franchises and multi-site gyms.
  • There is no free version of Mindbody.

There are a lot of factors when deciding what business management software is best for your gym or fitness facility. But perhaps the biggest consideration is the platform’s cost. Let’s take a look at Mindbody’s pricing plans below.

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How much does Mindbody cost?

Mindbody has four pricing plans ranging from $139/month to $699/month. Mindbody also has custom solutions for franchisors and owner-operators, but you must contact Mindbody for a custom quote.

Mindbody also has add-ons for an undisclosed fee, such as a branded app, Messenger virtual assistant, Virtual Wellness, and FitMetrix.

Software Trial: Is Mindbody free?

Mindbody does not offer a free trial of its software.

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Mindbody Software Pricing Breakdown

Mindbody has four different software packages, as detailed below:

To see how MindBody stacks up to, read “Best Mindbody Alternative: vs. Mindbody”.

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