How I Overcame Postpartum Anxiety (Without Medication) 10 Tips!

Hey guys hope you enjoy this video about how I overcame my postpartum anxiety back in 2019 with my firstborn. I hope it can help anyone who is going through something similar. Obviously I am no doctor/therapist so this is not medical advice just sharing my personal experience. Let me know if you find it helpful. Thanks!

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5 thoughts on “How I Overcame Postpartum Anxiety (Without Medication) 10 Tips!”
  1. I am the one person! Thank you so much for making this video. It’s exactly what I needed and I don’t want to take meds. I’m two months postpartum and feeling a lot of the things you were feeling. It’s like you’re telling me what I’m telling myself. Thank you again and I’m so happy to hear it’s better for your other pregnancies because I want more kids and am afraid of it getting worse.

  2. Wow this is all me and has been for the past 9 month's. A total nightmare. I totally agree that unless you have been through this you wouldn't understand. I totally relate. Thanks so much for your transparency and sharing this with us♥️

  3. Sorry I know I already commented, but THIS is what I have been looking for. I am 6 months post partum and was unofficially diagnosed with PPOCD and it's like you took the words, thoughts, emotions out of my head. I also didn't like what I researched about medication. And while I'm not against it, I didn't want to resort to that. I have been crying on and off (especially during my period), but it gets better after and I am convinced that there has to be another way that isn't medication. I tried CBD oil, which seemed to help a little. But I know I didn't exhaust EVERY option. Because it's hard to workout. It's hard to eat healthy. It's hard to "sit" with the hard stuff. And youre also absolutely rite that we aren't meant to take on the problems of the world. Recently when I heard the news about this tWitch celebrity, it was ALL anyone at work was talking about and I just couldn't stand it, and I decided for myself certain movies I will no longer watch, I dont watch the news anymore either. I will certainly begin taking these 10 steps into account. Gosh I wish we could be friends in real life. Thankyou again for this sorry for my long comment Lol. Cheers to us momma's just trying to make it through. <3

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