How I Knew I Was Pregnant BEFORE Taking a Test | Two Week Wait Signs & Symptoms

In today’s video I’m talking all about how I knew I was pregnant before I took a pregnancy test and my two week wait signs and symptoms day by day!

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Meghan Livingstone, CNP
Certified Holistic Nutritionist


29 thoughts on “How I Knew I Was Pregnant BEFORE Taking a Test | Two Week Wait Signs & Symptoms

  1. Aww so sweet- you look so happy!! Congrats to you & your husband ☺️ can’t wait to follow you along your new journey! I look forward to hearing your tips, advice, recipes, and everything in between! 🤰

  2. I also know before my period was late. but had differant simptomps: once I started going to the washroom at the middul of the night and got supppeerrr tiered I know! also I felt the pinching in the uteres…

  3. LOL at 2 DPO! I love how prepared you were and how much you learned about this. I am extremley happy for you and Sean, and I am also hoping with my husband to try for our first baby in the next year. I want to learn more about it, but I wonder….will that put too much anxious pressure on me? Should i just let it happen and not think too much into the science behind all of it? Sometimes I feel like if I know too much I'm too overly analytical.

    In any case, I am absoloutley over the moon for you. I've been watching for for a while and feel like I've gotten to know you as a virtual friend 🙂 i have many friends who are in the same stage of life and i think it is just such a beautiful time. Hoping your pregnancy continues to go smoothly and healthy 🙂

  4. So exciting!!! I’m 11DPO today and I tested, I shouldn’t have but I did because I have been feeling out of energy, it was negative, it wasn’t my morning urine, I’ll probably take another one in the morning! Trying for our 3Rd! 🥰

  5. I'm so excited for you! Its so fun to hear this from the perspective of someone who is so well educated on the biology of what's happening. I can't wait to follow along with your pregnancy journey!

  6. Absolutely love this! 🙂 You seem to be SO in-tune with your cycle & these very intricate body cues. You’re inspiring me to learn more about my body just in witnessing how well you know yours!

    Do you have any videos about cycle tracking, natural birth control, etc.? I feel like there is so much to learn and I’m just getting started, and would love to hear more about it from you!

  7. Oh my god, everything you mentioned was so relatable)) Huge hunger, smell aversions, being out of breath, being emotional, nausea… My baby is 10 months old now and this video was a nice trip down memory lane 😀 Congrats on your pregnancy, take care of yourself, Meghan ❤️

  8. Very happy for you 🙂 you are very lucky. For many women these symptoms lead tk constant disappointment and heartache. So so happy you had such a smooth and quick experience. Wishing you all happiness tonyur sweet family ❤️

  9. So happy for you that you did got pregnant….every time I watch this kind of videos I don’t understand my body….We are trying for over a year and I get the same symptoms every month, when we are not trying I have zero symptoms….I am so confused sometimes the symptoms are so intense I am so sure I am pregnant but I still get a negative …. I have the huge believing that I do get pregnant but it doesn’t implant….It is heartbreaking ….🥺 praying for your pregnancy 🙏🏻

  10. Hi.. congratulations!! Can you share your BBT graph as well? Would help a lot since I started tracking it after your video about it. Thanks!

  11. Currently in my TWW! This is so exciting! Congratulations! I’m trying not to read too much into my body. I definitely notice… differences. And I’m so terrified I’ll get my hopes up and have a negative test so I’m trying really hard to disregard those feelings. But also, I’m definitely documenting them. 😂

  12. Currently in the two week wait rafter a miscarriage in April. Hopefully I’m not making up my symptoms. (I tested to make sure my hcg was totally depleted and gone from my system so I know it’s not that)

  13. The hunger is so relatable, I was pregnant last year and I ate and slept so much. I was pregnant with my twin daughters and I couldn't eat as much as my body needed🙈

  14. I definitely experienced tingling in my breasts as well before finding out I was pregnant with my daughter! 😂 I’m glad this is real and I wasn’t the only one, since I’ve never heard this! But that was what made me take a test because I had never had that sensation before my period before! Such a weird thing! 😆

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