How I Fixed My Gyno Without Surgery

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  1. I have the same issue with my chest except i didn't know it was a medical condition. I have a fair amount of muscles in my chest from doing push-ups but alot of fat surrounds it causing it to feel and look heavy. My nipples are pointy and you can see them through my shirt. I'm gonna try to be more lean with my dieting and see if this works.

  2. This kid is actually stupid, can't believe he has a following and that no one is calling him out for this video 🤣
    Edit: Okay watched all of the video, so I get where he's coming from, but kid is still stupid he made too many fallacies in this video. Tf he means gyno is not being manly or not eating manly foods or not surrounding yourself with more men, so stupid 😂. Hes one of those kids who think he's woke but just full of shit. Maybe he has good content, but this aint it. There are more issues in this video but cba to list them all. God help your followers lol. Educate yourself before you make stupid claims.

  3. For a long time I thought my titties were because I was fat but even at 60kg for 1m90 (120lbs 6'3), they were taunting me. Afterwards I started to build muscle (72kg 160lbs, about 13% body fat) but nothing changes, mine are really visible. I tried to live with it for a long time but found out quite recently what it really was and it's basically free here in France so I won't mind.
    I have already done a mammogram which confirms the presence of gyno. It's the only part of my body that I want to modify by surgery, the rest I'm satisfied or I can work on it

  4. Hamza you have got this very very wrong this is misleading for a lot of young guys, high estrogen and low testosterone are the smallest reasons for teenage gynocomastia, around the age of 14 70% of boys have gynocomastia, this is usually because of high testosterone and very high igf-1 levels it’s not common for young guys to have testosterone anywhere near low enough to get gyno, after the age of 14 the rate slowly begins to drop as igf-1(growth hormone) lowers and testosterone stabilises, testosterone spikes in puberty cause the excess to turn into estrogen leading to high estrogen, another reason is high prolactin, only in men over 18 is high estrogen likely to blame for gynocomastia. This misleads the majority of your viewers into thinking they are weak feminine bitchs when most who have it have it from just growth hormone and testosterone it’s a different story if it doesn’t go away once you stop puberty

  5. Hamza, you put out a lot of great videos, but please stop trying to give scientific explanations on subjects that you don't fully understand. Gynecomastia is mostly caused by a sudden increase in testosterone, so quite the opposite of what you said. It's because part of it gets converted to estrogen through aromatization. Same thing happens with bodybuilders, they inject supra physiological amounts of androgens and if they don't use an aromatase inhibitor they develop gyno most of the time.

  6. Wish I found this video sooner. You’re speaking honesty and no bullshit. If you want to be a man then act like one. I lived 26 years of my life in comfort and was very feminine. I need to start not giving a shit what others think of me and achieve my ambitions and goals. Even my laziness would get in the way, and that’s due to my comfort. “Why not just play video games and sleep at 3am?” That’s what I would think to myself instead of going to the gym and going out there.

  7. I had gynaecomastia surgery when I was 17 free on NHS I was a skinny fat brown kid like you hamza I'm pakistani and I had gynaecomastia and even after starving myself for 2 years to lose body fat lost muscle and became more skinny fat at a lower body weight i still had tits and I kinda just waffled on and on about how I'm depressed it makes me feel sad in changing rooms and I was referred but waitlist was long luckily I got it done and my nipples don't look weird looks quite normal now ans the scars I can't even see the scars now the only regret I have was not knowing that medical students aren't doctors so when the Dr asked me do you mind if a student does part of procedure or something I said I don't mind and 1 side is slightly bigger than other side of my chest but I'm 95% sure I have no gynaecomastia male execcess breast tissue left the slightly bigger side might have a very very very small thing left but it's so normal looking now you would never know I had gynaecomastia and I'm 24 now I kinda have pecs now

  8. I think it's important to point out that what he's talking about is most likely not gynaecomastia. He's talking about pseudogynaecomastia.

    True gynaecomastia is both fat and glandular tissue (literally the same equivalent to the female breast) development. It's inhibited by your natural levels of testosterone (note if you take extra testosterone it will likely make it worse because excess testosterone is converted to oestrogens).

    Anyway, the best 2 ways to get manage of pseudogynaecomastia are
    1. Surgery
    2. fat loss

    However where we store fat is down to genetics, some men will naturally store even a little fat here so post surgery and after weight loss, even a little fat accumulation may go straight back there.

    Growing your chest won't help. The ultimate best way to stop pseudogynaecomastia is to live your life, workout, eat healthy and then FORGET about your puffy nips. Find a partner who doesn't care about them either.

  9. I just checked again to see if I felt the gyno I used to have at 14 and 2 years later I’ve felt my nipples for that think and it’s gone the only thing I’ve done was cross country and wrestling and I guess it went away on its own due to slimming down not that I needed it anyway I a twig with a lil bit of love handles

  10. Ya know, y’all can take if you watch one of More Plates More Dates videos on gyno, and there’s a drug called Reloxofene, it might not be spelled correctly but that’s the ballpark, and you can take it to reduce the size of your gyno,

    It does take some months though but it won’t leave you with a scar like surgery will

  11. deadass thought i was the only one out there with gyno when I was younger but I'm glad to see that I wasn't alone, working out has definitely made It a lot less noticeable

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