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How Do You Handle Stress? | Best Answer (from former CEO)

In this video, I answer the job interview question “How you you handle stress?”. This is the best way I’ve ever seen to answer this question.
This is the third video in my series on Getting Hired. I will be exploring all the common job interview questions, including “How do you handle stress?” – one of the hardest job interview questions to answer well. Please see the other videos in my “Get Hired” playlist for more tips.

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There is a big difference between what you learn in business school, and what you need to know in the real world – just ask any startup founder or business owner! My goal is to focus on the real-world aspects of business, giving practical tips and tricks that are not usually covered in school.

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I am a practicing management consultant, former CEO, and entrepreneur. I have led many businesses to success, as well as several startups. Among other things, I have a master’s degree in finance.

I have worked across five industries, and have worked in both large enterprise and small businesses. In the last five years, I have also been mentoring startup founders and teaching business at a post-graduate level.

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The only way this channel will succeed is with YOUR help. In order to know how best to proceed, I need constant feedback from YOU. What topics should I cover? What challenges are you facing? What questions do you have? What changes should I make?

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Thank you for being here and reading this, and have yourself an amazing day!

-Bill “The Companies Expert”

In this video, I give you a “How do you handle stress” and pressure answer
This job interview question has many forms:
How do you handle stress?
How well do you handle stress?
How do you handle stress and pressure?
How well do you handle stress and pressure?
How well do you handle conflict?
How do you handle conflict?
How do you handle pressure at work?
How well do you handle pressure at work?
It also relates to occupational stress, work related stress, managing stress, a stress management interview, a how do you handle stress interview question, and a how do you handle conflict interview question.


Please note: I own the copyright to all music contained in this video, and can provide verification upon request.


49 thoughts on “How Do You Handle Stress? | Best Answer (from former CEO)

  1. I generally answer and veer towards other good points of myself, such as time management, and being able to use that stress to be more productive. Would you say that's a good direction, or are there weakpoints that I may be missing here?

  2. I came back here to thank you. I used so many of the tips, tricks, and strategies from your videos and landed my first 6 figure position. Had the job stress question and used the simple I handle stress very well answer. Felt so good when they moved onto the next question. The next question was tell us about a stressful time at your last position, but it all worked out. Fantastic content that is real and works. Thank you.

  3. Great sir you give Great tips which leads canidate phycology.
    Yes conflict and stress happened so many times in my previous Jobs once the other TCOM agent handover me a bundle of keys which was not arranged in good shape. And he went for break as he came back one of senior inspector visited same time he advice battery room to Open but the key not in bundles. Both argued you lost and you will penalized.
    On the others hand I stayed calm and ask total number of keys as per there case they was right. I request for some time. I patroll with keen eyes and I found same place where he handover me All keys .I arrange All keys in shape number and name tags. Stress full situation always teach us to grow steadily. Win win

  4. This is my usual answer: When I feel stressed, I eat my favorite foods like ice cream, chocolates, etc… This almost always makes the interviewers smile. Which could be a good thing I guess 😁

    Thank you for this new learning. Will incorporate it in my future interviews.

  5. "I handle stress very well, i often find that it motivates me to improve and develop myself further." If you take stress management classes, you learn there is distress and eustress, they are both stresses, and eustress is a positive stressor, or one that your mind turns into a positive.

  6. I have found a similar answer worked very well for me so far: "A certain amount of stress is not only unavoidable, but even boosts my motivation. Should I ever get near my limits, I learned to communicate this as early as possible to find a solution and keep on going."

    Although it tells about me reaching my limits in the past, it stresses my willingness to learn and push past or work around said limits. In general I tend to keep the picture of myself grounded and realistic. Noone is without flaws. The trick is to use ones flaws to highlight the merits.

  7. Thanks Bill, subscribed to your channel and some really great advice, makes real sense when viewed from another perspective. Hoping to put my learnings and taking onboard your guidance real soon.

  8. I'm not looking for a job, but the algorithm suggested your videos to me. Short, brief, helpful and straight to the point. I just wanted to let you know that I enjoy your content very much sir!

  9. You are awesome, Bill! I've been bingeing your videos like crazy lately for an interview I had today. But I saw this one too late. I think I did okay though. Great answer! Lol.

  10. in many cases you just cannot get to the interview. because recruiter asks for referance letter in order to eliminate almost all candidates except connected ones

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