How BAD Is It When Something Goes Down the "Wrong Tube"???

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How BAD Is It When Something Goes Down the “Wrong Tube”???


In this video, Justin from the Institute of Human Anatomy discusses the anatomy surrounding breathing and swallowing, and what happens when something goes down the “wrong tube”.


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Video Timeline

00:00 – 02:32 Mouth/Throat Anatomy
02:33 – 04:35 Epiglottis Anatomy
04:36 – 05:26 Epiglottis Movement
05:27 – 06:29 Causes of “Wrong Tube-ness”
06:30 – 07:50 Cough Reflex
07:51 – 09:07 Trachea/Esophagus
09:08 – 10:15 The Lungs
10:16 – 10:58 Aspiration
10:59 – 12:33 Pneumonitis/Pneumonia
12:34 – 13:33 Asphyxiation
13:34 – 15:18 Scientific Thinking


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47 thoughts on “How BAD Is It When Something Goes Down the “Wrong Tube”???”
  1. From South Africa. 3 years ago I swallowed 2 pills for fever without water but 1 went down the wrong pipe. I still have that pill in my throat for whole 3 years, I went to a public hospital for X RAY but they saw nothing. I could go to a private doctor but I don't have any money (broke student/ parents unemployed). I'm certain about it but friends say thats impossible

  2. Quick question: if a piece of food does fall "all the way down" and coughing won't remove it but it also isn't large enough to block your airways, how is it removed? Is it a surgery?

  3. Supposedly we kinda messed up evolutionarily with having the two tubes located so close together, apparently dolphins & whales figured it out they can eat and breath at the same time 🐳

  4. REQUEST PLEEEEEZE!! Can’t get this episode out of my mind. Can you please do a segment about spastic esophagus? Is it the flap that is not moving right or is it the soft palettes mistake? When the paristolic wave just kinda freezes for a few seconds, what is going on? This happens before food has entered the wrong tube, but it feels like it’s about to.

  5. It’s been several times me taking my med pills ; it went down the wrong pipe. After I coughed ; the pill moved back up in my mouth. I re swallowed it. For some reason it still felt like it was still in my trachea for 20 mins. I just want to know if I should be worried some of it made it down to my lungs.

  6. Anybody else sometimes just wanna be able to pop off your head, pop it in half, pull out boogers that make it impossible to breathe, and put it back on..? Am I weird for that..?

  7. So this proves there is no god , what crazy person would make 2 major requirements like eating and breathing to be the same tube…and that 1 going into the other can kill you. I guess we are lucky it wasn't throat and poop chute combined lol

  8. One time I was chewing gum and started laughing , and it went down the airway, and my instincts caught it in my throat and I coughed it up. I was so happy it didn’t end up in my lungs

  9. Can you do a video on what is happening to our bodies when we cough up phlegm. What produces the phlegm and where does it cough up from. Is it coming out your lungs. Its interests me that there is so much of it when after we wake up etc. Why?

  10. "what should me name this video?"

    "How about "How bad is it when something goes down the wrong hole"?"

    "Nah sounds wrong"

    "Then what about"How bad is it when something goes down the wrong tube"?"

    "Alright that might work"

  11. coughed on my spit while watching the epiglottis, tried being conscious of the flow of my breath while i inhaled, accidentally swallowed some spit that was laying around

  12. Can you explain why "swallowing too hard" hurts so much? I experience this sensation frequently, even when I've only had a small sip (and almost always happens with soda or juice). Why does a small sip cause so much pain in the chest as it moves down towards the stomach? How does one prevent it? I've always been curious about what causes this and why/how it hurts so much.

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