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Hormonal Acne and Hyperpigmentation Skincare Routine for Giselle!

We’re back with another viewer skincare routine reaction! This week, I’m joined by Redondo Beach, CA dermatologist Annie Chiu, MD and we’re going to take a look at Giselle’s skincare routine. She’s currently dealing with hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, and the early signs of aging. Watch this video to see what we think of her current skincare routine.

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21 thoughts on “Hormonal Acne and Hyperpigmentation Skincare Routine for Giselle!

  1. So im pretty sure that if you have oily skin moisturizer is key i would recommend aloe leaves cut and put the aloe on face and then coco butter pure organic coco butter

  2. I love love this dermatologist and Susan of course,❤️for years, yes years I been saying what she just said, how much really we can get out of certain SPF on top of many letters, usually in the morning I keep it very simple, cleanse, Vitamin C, during summer straight to either tinted SPF or one letter of SPF then tinted SPF, plus and eye cream with SPF, winters I use a moisturizer before spf

  3. As an Esthetician, I'm sorry but I have to say I'm always in shock that dermatologists do not seem to express in a very strong way that if you do not wear a sunblock every single day of your life and re apply it including when you're in front of a computer or a phone your dark spots will never go away it doesn't matter what you do I'm always in shock when I hear dermatologists never say this to anyone.. so allow me to say it…THE bottom line is people, that ,you could use the best things in the world to get rid of your hyperpigmentation caused by trauma however it's not going anywhere if you don't wear sun block for the rest of your life..yes EVEN IN CHICAGO , EVEN ON CLOUDY DAYS.. EVERY DAY As for toner you can use any kind of herbal organic tea as a toner toner's just helped to bring the ph balance back to the skin or if they're specific for example for hydration or exfoliation they are an important step they also remove cleanser that was left behind

  4. I also disagree with the doctor as far as oils go hobo oil in particular actually MI mics seabums molecular structure and tricks the skin into making less of it. Check out my skin care Podcast on iHeartRadio your skin my Passion.

  5. She has way too much of stuff on her face. Her face OD-ed and that is why her face break-up or "COLLAPSED"…. he face needs to be free of those stuff, he face needs to be CLEANSED- FREE of all those chemicals from those bottles…….

  6. Which actives can your skin get used to? I’ve always heard this doesn’t happen. But I feel like there’s a couple things I have used that worked really well for months & all the sudden my skin goes back to where it was.

  7. What's funny is my mom used Estee lauder her whole life. When she was in the hospital at 68 and the doc walked in and was like I'm sorry wrong room. Long story she couldn't believe my mom was 68. Must do something right.

  8. I definitely don’t agree that taking breaks from Retin-A is a good idea. It’s quite a process getting acclimated to it. Taking a significant period of time off only to go through the acclamation process again sounds nuts to me. I use my nightly and have for like 10 years. No irritation and amazing results.

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  10. Hi everyone! Just a quick note on the application order of chemical (also known as organic) sunscreen filters discussed in the video. Sunscreen formulations on the market today should be applied as the final step of your skincare routine. Apologies for the oversight in this video.

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