HE IS BACK! Get ready for an awesome DANCE WORKOUT with Tanju. Cardio is not just running on a treadmill. You don’t need …


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49 thoughts on “HOME WORKOUT // 30 MIN. DANCE WORKOUT // Tanju”
  1. Bu video ve herhangi bir videoyu hergun yaparak (zumba dersi daha once almistim kareografileri ezberlemem kolay oldu) diyet esliginde haftada 6 gun hergun yaptim. Her 2 dersi yaparak Totalde 600 kalori yakmisim. Kalori açıgı bırakarak ayni zamanda eğlenerek sıkılmadan 1 ayda tam 7 kilo verdim ve sıkılaştım. Çok tesekkür ederim. Dersler aşırı güzel eglenceli ve soft mukemmelsin basarilarinin devamini dilerim♥️

  2. many thanks tanju for the great work out. I've watched a lot of videos but yours are the best. you are very personable and motivating. I've already lost 8kg thanks to you👍

  3. Your sister is from Syria in Aisha camps. I complain about my worries and sorrows to God, then the righteous servants of God. I am your sister, children. Please look at us with eyes of mercy. Otherwise, I have three humane orphaned children. Charity is ongoing for the sake of God. I am mentally and mentally ill, I swear to God Almighty, and my Lord bears witness to me. What is in my house is bread. Please, may God help them. Can you help us with the face of God?

  4. Now, this is just the second dance lesson I tried out from him…It's exactly how many of you discribed it. I have never had such a lot of fun during a workout!! Love it! I am looking forward to new dances like this, thank you Tanju for your great choreos 💪☺

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