As most of my readers know, I am passionate about holistic health care during pregnancy, motherhood and beyond. I want to talk about a program I’ve recently been introduced to, The Nature Code Kid’s Program. This educational course is designed to support and guide you in learning how to help your child develop a strong and healthy immune system using a holistic approach and is instructed by Naturopathic Doctor Keith Condliffe. A FREE LIVE MASTERCLASS: Healthy Kids Get Sick is available February 5th-11h! 

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I am often asked to recommend natural remedies to things like cold and flu symptoms (which you can find here) and The Nature Code Kid’s Program takes a similar approach to your children’s health. Over 5 modules, The Nature Code Kid’s Program takes you from a foundational understanding of health and illnesses, all the way through building and using a Natural Acute Care Kit for the whole family. From nutrition to homeopathic and herbal medicine, the course focuses on building your awareness and confidence as you meet family health challenges. Increasing your health savvy improves health outcomes and supports your relationship with your primary care physician and health team.

Some things you can expect from The Nature Code Kid’s Program include:

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