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The ISHEID Congress offers you a comprehensive three-day program focused on current ‘hot topics’ with:
• Scientific sessions on major subjects about the HIV/AIDS and the emerging infectious diseases, addressed by international leading AIDS specialists and young researchers who will present unpublished data as yet,
• Symposia proposed by institutional and industrial sponsors,
• Practical workshops adapted to the health care professional’s needs, and adapted to their daily practice,
• A display of scientific posters and a rich and varied exhibition.

Launched as a “regional meeting on HIV infection and AIDS”, the ISHEID has now largely increased. It was when the epidemic first struck the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur causing many deaths. The first annual meeting focused on epidemiologic and clinical aspects of this new disease, and management of the associated opportunistic infections. 1992 saw the simultaneous launch of Toulon’s new “Palais des Congrès” Convention Centre and a special Medical Unit at the hospital, led by MD. Alain Lafeuillade. At that time, the “regional meeting” was upgraded to a “Mediterranean Symposium” and welcomed its first oversea speakers.

In 1993, the event had evolved to a specialist HIV/AIDS Symposium in its own right. In recognition of its pioneering spirit, the 1995 edition attracted nearly 500 participants and included the first pharmaceutical industry satellite symposia and parallel sessions.

Between 1995 and 2010, ISHEID welcomed most of the world’s leading AIDS specialists, such as Professors Robert Gallo, Antony Fauci, Davod Ho, Douglas Richman, David Back, Roger Pomerantz, Brian Gazzard, Guiseppe Pantaleo, Brigitte Autran, Françoise Brun-Venizet, Julio Montaner and Pedro Cahn. The Steering and Scientific Committees were joined by dynamic European personalities such as Professors Stefano Vella, José Gatell and Jean-François Delfraissy.

The pooled work of these eminent personalities reinforced the Symposium’s international stature and won the loyalty of a continually expanding core of industrial partners.

Although ISHEID still focuses essentially on HIV infection, it now encompasses the sphere of emerging infectious diseases, such as Creutzfeldt-Jacob’s disease, avian influenza and viral hepatitis. The symposium currently welcomes the world’s foremost experts on these topics.

ISHEID offers clinicians and biologists’ highly technical state-of-the-art presentations by the leading authorities in their fields. It is also the stage for hands-on, thematic workshops and gives young researchers and practitioners a chance to “kick off” with their first presentations. The program is enhanced with quality-certified satellite symposia by its industrial partners, scientific posters and a rich, varied and informative exhibition.

Over the years, ISHEID has won the loyalty of numerous participants from many different horizons and countries. Thanks to their feedback, we know they particularly appreciate the easy communication facilitated by ISHEID’s human scale, its relaxed and warm atmosphere, and original content.

In 2012, the internationalization of the Congress and the increase of participants invited us to install the Congress in Marseille. Numerous testimonials confirmed us in our choice to maintain it again in Marseille in 2014.


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