Herpes: Pills, Cure, Supplements, Vaccine And Condoms - Live 11/3/2022

0:00 Introduction
02:00 What brands of supplements do I use (monolaurin link)
04:15 Doesn’t everybody has herpes
05:00 Dating site for people for herpes
06: Cure, pills and vaccine for herpes
07:20 Supplements for herpes
07:58 Natural birth with herpes
08:24 The virus can go dormant, but cannot be cured
09:10 How likely is it to transfer herpes without condoms
10:54 Do I have HSV1 or HSV2
11:05 Can you have kids with herpes
11:25 I have HSV2 and my children don’t
12:00 Opinion of supplements to prevent herpes outbreaks – lysine and monolaurin
13:00 What is herpes
14:18 When are you contagious with herpes
14:37 Does my husband have herpes as well


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Alexandra Harbushka is the creator of Life With Herpes and she is on a mission to educate, entertain and connect with the underserved and often ostracized people living with herpes. Yes, Alexandra has herpes too and she totally gets what you are going through. She created this community so people living with herpes could learn, connect and get back to living their beautiful lives.

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  1. Hey if you have hsv1 and have absolutely no outbreaks or symptoms can u have unprotected sex still with different people ? And if a male or female wanted to go low in put there mouth on your private area would they contact ? .

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