Heroes & Horses Ret. Navy SEAL Micah Fink - Part 2 | Mike Ritland Podcast Episode 137

Know thyself – that’s what Micah Fink says. And out on his Double-H Ranch deep in the backcountry of Montana, that’s exactly what he’s teaching combat veterans to do – providing a solution that doesn’t include prescription medications or even traditional psychotherapy, but rather the opportunity to use tools to rediscover their own inner strength.

But Micah didn’t just up and decide to create an environment like this. It comes from a place deep within, tapped from a well of memories he’d much sooner forget. Because according to Micah, we’ve all got the answers inside ourselves – we just have to find them – and us – first.



00:00 – Intro
01:35 – SDV – SEAL Delivery Vehicles
08:45:00 – America Is In World War Three
18:56 – …Am I Anti-War?
25:41 – The Reasons Why You Fight Give You Power
42:25 – At Heroes & Horses, You Die
47:56 – If I Don’t Have PTSD, Who Am I?
01:00:44 – You Have the Answers
01:11:06 – An Afghanistan Thanksgiving
01:18:13 – Starting The Day Cold
01:25:34 – Trading Buckles


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