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Here’s What to Stream When You (Finally!) Get Some Time to Yourself

From morning to night (and those wee hours in between), it’s next to impossible to get time to yourself as a new parent. Sure, the laundry needs to be done, the bottles need to be washed, and the toys on the floor could certainly be put away, but carving out a little “me time” should be a priority too. When you just need to crash on the couch, HBO Max is there for your screen-time fix, no matter what you’re in the mood for. Don’t want to waste time deciding what to watch? We don’t blame you—those free minutes are at a premium. This fun flowchart will help you quickly find your next fave streaming series.

Haven’t signed up for HBO Max yet? It’s truly a new parent must-have for those coveted “me time” moments. You can stream blockbuster movies the same day they hit theaters, binge-watch buzzy new series, and kick back to tried-and-true favorites from both the big and small screens (Think: Friends, Crazy Rich Asians, Gossip Girl and more). Check out all the titles you can stream now on your TV, computer, phone, tablet or game console…basically, anywhere baby’s out of earshot (hey, that’s what baby monitors are for, right?).

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