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Nutrition Facts
Calories 60
Calories from Fat 25
Total Fat 2.5g – 4%
Cholesterol 25mg – 8%
Sodium 80mg – 3%
Total Carbohydrate 3g – 1%
Protein 6g

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What Do Homeats Do ?
Connect restaurants and home cuisines with customers to make more money and help you to grow your brand. also we provide delivery services

How much does it cost to join homeats?
we have free trial then it will start only with $5 per month for starter plan

Do you provide Delivery service?
yes we provide it and you can work with you after confirming and implement our policy

How many orders can my kitchen get per month ?
it depends on the area and how active you are … but we sure we will provide you with exception Utility that will go beyond your expectations

How much commission do you take?
It is changeable according to the plan you choose however our commission rates starts from 12%

What will happen if I cancel the order I received?
We recommend you to avoid canceling so you can have loyal end users who constantly order from your store however if you have an emergency and you have to cancel the order we are supporting you without harming our consumers rights in the term of our cancelation policy

Can I be offline whenever I want?
We are providing a flexible work environment … you can easily go to Console menu and switch your online status to Offline

How will I start selling my food?
Very easy! You will add your menu items with our team and then you will be ready to sell your food online!

Is it possible for vendors to upgrade their subscription?
Sure , vendors have wide options of plans they can choose or upgrade from on to others which suits their needs.

When will I be charged?
After the free trial ended we will inform you that we will start to charge you based on the selected plan

How can I cancel my subscription?
yes by tapping on more than subscription after that you will find all of your subscription information and you will find option to cancel your subscriptions

What is the procedure to Join Homeats?
Download the ‘Homeats’ App from Play/App store. Open the app and you can login/sign up using your Facebook, Google or email account. The app will send an OTP to your registered account (if already registered before) to authenticate and allow you to use the app then you will fill in some information about your and the business then you will receive a call from us to finalize the process.

What Do Homeats Do?
Provide wide food options such as healthy, Diet , traditional and homemade food

How can I place an order ?
Go to the Homeats app, log in with your account, then place an order from your favorite restaurant.

How much will the delivery service will Cost Us ?
the prices calculation depends on the area and it’s calculated per Km + fixed amount

Do you have online payment in the app ?
yes we provide online payment and cash on delivery as well

How can I cancel my order ?
After 10 minutes from placing it you can cancel the order , after passing the 10 minutes you need to contact support to cancel your order

How can I schedule an order?
After selecting order items then you need to go to Cart then you will choose address after that you will be able to choose a future date & time for your order from the calendar

Is it possible to calculate my daily calories?
For sure , we have a calories calculator with indications that will help to track your daily calories easily .. just tap on the diet button in the main screen & you will access the calculator.


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