Healthy Eating Options For NIGHT SHIFTS | नाइट शिफ्ट में काम करने वालों के लिये हेल्‍थ टिप्‍स

Working till late at night or in night shifts can bring in a lot of change to your life in many ways. Our body is designed to work in the day, and rest at night. However, when we work at night, which is against our natural body rhythms, it results in special set of challenges, including weight gain and over stress. If you are working in a night shift, then it is important for you to pay more attention to your sleep, diet and the time when you eat food. Enough sleep and making healthy food choices are two major factors that you need to focus on. Numerous studies have repeatedly confirmed that the ones who work in night shifts weigh more than the ones who work in day shifts. Weight gain is also associated with other health problems. But fret not, to prevent weight gain and other health problems, Ayurveda has laid down a few healthy diet tips for night shift workers that will help them maintain a healthy life.

About Fit Tak:

अब फिट रहने के लिए आपको घंटो जिम में पसीना बहाने की बिल्कुल जरुरत नहीं. FitTak पर आपको मिलेंगी बहुत सी आसान एक्सरसाइज और योगा टिप्स जिन्हें आप अपने रोज़ाना के रूटीन में शामिल करके रह पाएँगे एकदम फिट और हैल्दी.

साथ ही मिलेंगे घरेलू नुस्खे जिनसे आप हेल्थ और ब्यूटी रिलेटेड तमाम परेशानियों से घर बैठे निजात पाएंगे.

बिना हेल्दी फ़ूड के हेल्थ की बात करना अधूरा सा है इसीलिए FitTak पर आपको मिलेंगी ढेरों हेल्दी रेसिपीज़ भी जो हैल्दी होने के साथ-साथ होंगी इतनी स्वादिष्ट की आप उंगलियां चाट-चाट कर खाएंगे और हैल्दी खाने को मना नहीं कर पाएंगे.

इतना सब कुछ एक साथ एक ही चैनल पर तो देर किस बात की आज ही सब्सक्राइब करें FitTak.

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31 thoughts on “Healthy Eating Options For NIGHT SHIFTS | नाइट शिफ्ट में काम करने वालों के लिये हेल्‍थ टिप्‍स”
  1. good video…along with these tips to support the health and to make your immune system strong Immune booster of planet ayurveda is very effective. It helps to strengthen your immune system and helps to fight against any kind of disease.

  2. i work in night shifts ..Haha, Nice , but Please go and check for people who work in day shifts they are going through with hell too- it’s just if u eat unhealthy.then no one can run away from diseases
    It’s just need to balance your VAT accrding to ayurveda. that’s it—

  3. I'm on night shift also , it starts on 8pm , at 9 I'm taking dinner, at 1 am, a bnana, apple, orange and sometimes kivi also. Morning 5-6am some milk and brown bread with peanut butter. Last food is variable . I'm feel this is good table of food. Night time we must consume fruits. And day time at least 7 hours sleep.

  4. Hlo maam
    Main abhi night shift shuru kri h
    Phle main bht time se sona or uthne vali thi ab changes aai h body m kaafi infact nind nh aati mje din and ofc hours m bht aati h
    How to make my mind mentally strong plz suggest me

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