When people hear that I have worked on the bodies of the most glamorous models and celebrities, they always have questions to ask. Surprisingly the questions are not, “Are they nice people or are they really as attractive as they seem” ? but the most frequently asked questions is “What do they eat to keep in such fabulous shape” !

The fact is that models and celebrities are just regular people like you and me. Yes, they are lovely looking people, but they have the same problems that everyone has ! They too, put on weight with chocolates and icecreams. They have skin and hair problems too ! The difference is, that they have pulled every trick in the book to stay slim because their livelihood depends on it.

They are made to realise that beauty, a glowing skin, lustrous hair, a firm body, agility, grace, attractiveness all begin with good health because good health is the foundation of beauty. No amount of make-up can camouflage the looks of poor health. Whatever you choose to put into your mouth will work in your body at the cellular level and reflect on your skin, nails, hair, moods, emotions, facial expression etc.



You must have heard that water is good for the skin. This is exactly what most beautiful people do. Drink at least 4 glasses of lukewarm water on waking up and 4-5 glasses in the rest of the day. It hydrates your skin and cleans out the toxins from the body.

2. Ensure regular bowel movements

Beauty is actually an inside job. You need to work at your body from `inside-out’ If you cleanse your bowels everday your skin will thank you for it. The colon stores the largest number of toxins in the body. If these are not thrown out they could erupt on the skin as acne or form a dull greyish layer on the skin making it look lack lustre. In addition to passing stools regularly, great beauties throughout history like Cleopatra, Helen of Troy used enemas regularly to cleanse their colons. These days you get Ayurvedic herbs to clean the colon. 75% of the toxins in the body can be cleansed out through the colon. 20% through the kidneys and 5% through the lungs. These Ayurvedic herbs can be used once every 2 months to cleanse out the colon.

3.Puffy face

If you wake up to a swollen face in the morning, you know that you are suffering from water retention. This can leave your facial features completely out of sink and make you look fat in front of the camera or otherwise. There could be a lot of reasons for this.

You could be deficient in iron leading to anaemia, which makes you puffy all over. Taking supplements of vitamin B6 and evening primrose oil will help reduce puffiness. Reduce salt and mono sodium glutamate intake and avoid white flour. This will prevent unnecessary water retention. Salt draws fluids into the tissues. Eating fried foods (which are usually salty) slows circulation causing swelling so avoid fried foods. Take a multivitamin supplement to cover up deficiencies.

4.Great food for good looks

Drink a glass of vegetable juice everyday. It contains high levels of antioxidants, which are important for a blemish free skin. You could have carrot juice or spinach juice or mint and coriander juice or tomato + beetroot + carrot juice. Most vegetable juices work like a laxative and clean out the colon. Mint and coriander juice is very cooling to the body, clears blemishes, improves eyesight. It also aids digestion and helps prevent intestinal worms, asthama, bronchitis.

5.Dance your fat away :

This is exactly what the beauties do ! Get your favorite tunes and break out into a sweat ! Dancing burns approximately 300 calories an hour. But if you’ve joined Shiamaks dance classes, you might burn up some more !!

Let us find our how some celebrities like the beautiful Pooja Batra, and the ravishing Neena Manuel manage to stay in such fabulous shape !

Pooja Batra:(Actress)
“I like to eat small regular meals. I just don’t eat too much ! I drink a lot of water, and try to eat as much uncooked stuff as possible. I do yoga 4-5 times a week. And yes ! My mother gives me iron and calcium tablets”

Neena Manuel (Model)
“Well, I don’t eat sweets at all ! I try not to have aerated drinks. I don’t smoke because I believe that’s really really bad for the skin. I drink occasionally, may be a glass of red wine or so.
I have a friend who used to drink heavily and he had dark circles around the eyes. When he gave up drinking, within two and a half weeks, his dark circles disappeared. It was like magic.
And…….I do exercise regularly and drink lots of water”.

That’s the secret friends ! Drink loads of water for a glowing skin and eat small quantities of food at regular intervals. Avoid sweets and fried stuff and eat at least one uncooked meal a day to stay in great shape !

ANJALI MUKERJEE, Nutritionist, Founder Director-Health Total, having health centers
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