Health and Wellness at work | A Corporate Rendition | echo wellness

Health and Wellness at work | A Corporate Rendition | echo wellness

In a knowledge Industry, the major raw material is intellectual skills. More specifically the human capital and their state of mind in particular

Neglected mental health will be the major leaking boat

The poor mental health of employees means depleted intellectual resources leading to accumulated stress.

Uncontrolled stress could lead to burnout, individual complications and poor physical fitness.

Poor mental hygiene leads to a range of physical illnesses like hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, amongst others.

Overwhelming evidence from research studies shows the deteriorating mental health in the corporate world these days. The pandemic has only worsened the situation.

The mental health of employees especially in the knowledge industry has a direct impact on the productivity and profitability of the organization

Many Organisations are making mental health as one of their strategic goals. Why not, international bodies such as WHO, WEF, National Institute of health US or NIMHANS India have all advocated organizations to make mental health part of their strategic goals.

Preventive mental health initiatives are not just to fix productivity losses and improve the bottom line, instead, it’s a smart way to develop a robust human capital development. A long-term strategy to build an efficient intellectual engine and a healthy positive community.

echo is a powerful companion for organizations in their wellness goals.
echo is a cutting-edge solution that is a simple yet powerful solution that is universally accepted. echo effortlessly overcomes the obstacles in the path to mental wellness often challenged by traditional solutions. echo is easy of use, omnipresent and affordable nature make results quick and lasting.

echo makes music work like magic.

Leaders of the corporate world be change agents for your employees and their family. Commit to build e healthy corporate world. Take the first step in adopting echo for creating a happy, creative and intellectual environment.

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