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With the help of gynecomastia surgery, some problems relating to men with feminine-like breasts can be resolved. This problem can be treated with a number of procedures ranging from liposuction or removing the mammary gland. The cost of these surgeries and procedures depends on the intensity of the problem you have so let’s get to know about the basics first.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the problem of enlarged breasts in men. This issue leads to both aesthetic and health problems in men if not treated timely. Moreover, being an imperfection can also lead to mental and psychological issues in men as it is not a desirable problem to have. However, this problem can be diagnosed at a very young age when a person is an infant or is an adolescent. The good thing is that the treatment is both short and simple. Gynecomastia surgery in Turkey can help men with this abnormality to back both their mental and physical health back in shape so that they can live a healthy life and redeem their confidence.

The procedure of the surgery

Gynecomastia takes about 1 hour to be completed. General anesthesia is performed for the surgery to be initiated. The patient must be fasting from the previous evening of the day the surgery is to be done. The patient is also kept in the hospital for a week prior to the surgery to monitor his health conditions. If the patient already has any chronic diseases or problems, then those must be told to the surgeon beforehand.

Once you have undergone the surgery, there is a gynecomastia corset given to the patient which they must wear for a month. A regular checkup is required following the surgery about 3-4 days later. Whatever medicines are prescribed post-surgery to the patient, it is a must that he takes them. The patient also must not lift any heavy objects or perform any sort of cardio for a month at least after the surgery. The patient is normally kept for a day or two in the hospital to monitor the post-surgery response before letting him leave for home.

Can gynecomastia go away without surgery?

If there is a sign of swelling in the mammary gland then it is highly unlikely that the breast size would reduce on its own without the surgery. However, if the swelling is due to fat deposition around the breast area, then it is possible to reduce the size through exercise and diet control. While you may be able to tackle the problem for a while, but this would not guarantee a permanent solution to the issue.

The issue of hormonal imbalance is the main cause of breast enlargement in men. Before opting for the surgery, the problem of hormonal imbalance should be treated to correct the issue of gynecomastia. Another cause of breast enlargement in males is excessive weight gain due to an inactive lifestyle and imbalanced diet. The weight gain results in the fat getting deposited in the breasts which leads to enlargement. In some men, breast enlargement is a result of some medication as well. Hence before you opt for any surgical procedure, make sure that you run a diagnosis with a competent doctor.

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