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Got pulled over with my medical card and marijuana.

After going to Schwagstock a music festival The cops were lingering outside of the event pulling over every car they possibly could. We got pulled over and even though we are medical patients they used probable cause to search our vehicle. ?Is it a policeman’s job to ask you about your medical condition? Anyhow
We Got to keep our weed after getting pulled over by Mo HP.


39 thoughts on “Got pulled over with my medical card and marijuana.

  1. All in all he was pretty cool about it. Hopefully shit gets sorted out with their database real soon. It'd be nice to go get a card if i ever decided to use it for my anxiety and joint inflammation but Im not giving up my firearms. So cbd oil it will continue to be.

  2. If you are legally allowed to possess marijuana, the smell of marijuana does not give probable cause to search. Without reasonable suspicion that a crime is being or has taken place, they have no constitutional right to search.

    Furthermore, not knowing whether or not your card is fraudulent is not the same as suspecting it is for a specific reason. Not knowing is also not probable cause. Unless the police suspected another crime of taking place, aside from the marijuana possession (which wasn't a crime on account of your card), there was no cause to search, and you should've been let go.

    I don't know about the stipulations in the amendment, but generally speaking your medical history is protected by HIPAA, and you aren't required to answer any of that.

  3. The term "probable cause", is found in the 4th Amendment to the Constitution for the United States. In it, it says, "The right of the people to secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the person's or things to be seized."

    By the very last sentence fragment, we know that person's, and things, can be seized. Which also means, that a "traffic stop", is a SEIZURE of YOUR PERSON, WITHOUT A WARRANT. But, by the earlier, we know that can only get done with a Warrant and for the purposes of regulating commerce, which ALSO tells us, what is reasonable, and what isn't. If it requires a Warrant, and they have one, then that is "reasonable".

    No Warrant, no reasonable.

    Which then makes any "traffic stop", unreasonable, and thus, a criminal act of extortion while acting under color of law, which now constitutes an additional criminal act of Treason.

    "Probable Cause", literally translates to, "that which caused the Harm." So, with NO Harm caused, NO Victim produced (which the State can never be the Victim because there is no "person" called "The State of Texas", or whatever, the state is an agreed upon fiction, and therefore can not be a Victim.) there can not possibly be, any probable cause. It's literally impossible.

    "Traffic Stops" were created as a way to "regulate commerce", which government MAY, and SHOULD do. But you, are not Commerce. You, are not a "Driver". By Black's Law Dictionary (which is what the courts use) a "DRIVER: ONE WHO IS EMPLOYED TO OPERATE ANY VEHICLE." for the purposes of, "CONDUCTING COMMERCE".

    So, all the way around, they abused their authority, committed grievous crimes, and basically bullied you, because you didn't know.

    The reason why it's Treason, is because cops voluntarily swear an Oath, to abide by the Constitution, and traffic Stops are committed every day, by every single one of them, because – written down on paper or not – every large scale policing gang verbalizes it every chance they get, when they don't think they're being recorded – QUOTAS. It's purely a revenue thing. And, wholly unconstitutional.

  4. No!!!! They didn't have probable cause for being a medical patient! They might have probably cause because you were coming from a party though or you were acting high… Idk man. It's whack all around.

  5. What window did he check the tint on. If it was the front which is the only one required to have a specific tint I’ll bet he felt pretty damn stupid for even bringing out the test machine. Looked very light or nonexistent from the video. Thanks for the share and hopefully all law enforcement is as cool as he was being about the mmj. I feel some are going to find every loophole into charging people with a crime till dispensaries are in operation

  6. Sam z commented "mutual respect goes a long way" and that can be so but that cop told Lance no pictures im not that supportive! that says it all, NO RESPECT.The cop was hoping to ruin Lances day, so glad to see all ended well for you Lance

  7. Another thing people that got there card right when it was available was a waste of money cause you can't have it unless you grew it yourself and got that licence to grow so a bunch of people got it but can't be caught with it cause no dispensery is open it sucks so how did you get away with it in Missouri lucky

  8. I'm a medical marijuana in Arizona and the answer is YES. It's still probable cause and they can search. It's an unfortunate common law in most medical states. My state can verify cards though.

    EDIT: Also yeah you dont have to tell them why you have a card. All they need is a card the rest is non of there business and in fact its usually illegal under HIPPA.

  9. Cop was cool though…….I'm sure people ARE making Fake MJ cards……kids do it with Driver ID for alcohol………..sounds like a STATE problem, they need to fix. They just legalized it here in NJ and they Can't stop or search from the smell of Pot…….period.

  10. You both seem like the collest people ever I would have injoyed haging out with you guy. I'm sorry you are going through this. I to have my medical card every time I leave police are there. But the U.N. legalized marijuana world wide it is no longer a drug but only in America

  11. Wow you guys are lucky. In FL we have medical only and wr can get a DUI if we get caught with it in the car here in Florida unless it's still sealed up and on its way home. I mean we can go to dispensary and buy it, but it's still a DUI if you use it within several hours of driving. It's illegal to use it in a car here, it's illegal to use it in public here which means where another person can see that you're using it.
    The cops actually smell that you'd used it with a few hours and let you go?
    Wow man that's wicked freedom to use there.

  12. These questions are illegal under HIPAA.
    I asked my physical therapist why she was so brief at dinner when I tried to say hello to her? and she said "it's against federal law is against HIPAA" for her to cause the other members at my table to ask questions about my medical conditions so she says. it's against HIPAA for her to acknowledge that she and I know each other for medical reasons. I expressed how ridiculous I thought this was when I got to physical therapy and tried to discuss this with her and she showed me the laws and she's absolutely right.
    I think it would be in our best interest to carry a copy of HIPAA law with us and have highlighted the parts that we are currently talking about.

  13. Are there any updates about this in 2021? Are they still going to make me pull up the dhss website or have they given up on that or do the cards I want some kind of security hologram now or what

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