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GLOWING SKIN OVER 55 ‖ How I Got My Glow Back! Skincare Routine + Retin A ‖ Over50Skincare

GLOWING SKIN OVER 55 ‖ How I Got My Glow Back, Skincare Routine + Retin A
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I have compiled a list of my favorite skincare and fashion on  an Amazon Page  – BeautyDiva Favorites:


Peaches Skincare
Lisa was kind enough to provide me with a 15% Discount Code: NATPSC15

Flawless Exfoliator
Classic Cleanser
Perfect Polish
Tone with ACV (3/4 Cups ACV & 1/4 Water)
Perfect Ph Toner
Maysama Vitamin C (Please see discount code below)
Lifting Serum
Classic Moisturizer
Filogra Time Filler Eyes

Abolene Cream Cleanser
Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover
Flawless Exfoliator
Classic Cleanser
Perfect Polish
Tone with ACV (3/4 Cups ACV & 1/4 Water)
Perfect Ph Toner
Maysama Vitamin C Serum (Please see discount code below)
Lifting Serum
Classic Moisturizer
Filogra Time Filler Eyes
Renew Facial Oil
Milk of Magnesia before bed

3 Nights a week I apply my Retin A after my Vitamin C, I skip the Lifting Serum and apply my Classic Moisturizer, eye cream, facial oil and Milk of Magnesia.

Maysama Skincare Products
Gentle Resurfacing Toner
Brightening Face Mask
Green Rooibos Pressed Serum (Vitamin C)
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UK [for UK and ROW]


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Age Adapting Facial Serum

Skin Deva 20% Argireline with HA Matrixyl 3000 Serum (Botox in a Bottle)
I also use their Hyaluronic Acid and their Matrixyl 3000 Serums
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Shop Quality Anti Aging Serums – Anti Aging Creams – Anti Aging Spray and Oil

If you are looking for medical-grade Retin-A and/or medical grade eyelash growth serum (Careprost).  Check out Kaysa Skincare’s website. She was kind enough to provide a 15% Discount Code which is:

Some of the links above are affiliate codes which means I receive a small commission if you choose to use the links at no cost to you. NO PRESSURE! But if you do choose to use the links, I thank you, as this helps support my channel.

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Down The Hill – Vendredi
64 Sundays – Twin Musicom

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02:40 Skincare Regime
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43 thoughts on “GLOWING SKIN OVER 55 ‖ How I Got My Glow Back! Skincare Routine + Retin A ‖ Over50Skincare

  1. Hi My Gorgeous Warrior Sister! I love Lisa and Peaches..(sneak peak on my best of 202 some of her line will be in it shhh lol) Girl your skin is Glowing!! I am watching as I get ready for my 1st Granddaughters Birthday Party she will be 4 on Monday but we are celebrating today.. Love you so so much my friend.. Hugs XO

  2. Good afternoon, my beautiful little sister. Your skin does look fabulous, Nathalie. It's great you have been able to return your skin to it's luminous state!! I always watch you in full screen on my laptop, so I see everything, lol! My grandmother was born in 1885. She used Milk of Magnesia on her skin in the morning. Just a very thin layer, and then would add powder. It was her "foundation" back in the day. Many blessings, prayers, and much love..MaryEllen

  3. This was fascinating – especially the ACV toner! You should try the MoM as a primer before your make–up. WHAT? You can't go to the gym once a month and see results…well dang! LOL! Love you my sweet Canadian friend. ♥ Elle

  4. Hello lovely! I only have one question……Why do you even wear foundation??? Your skin is absolutely flawless🙀. Wishing you a wonderful weekend…I’m off to visit Lisa!

  5. Medication is wonderful and amazing in how it helps us. The side effects can be horrible. I can’t imagine having my skin feel like it’s on fire. I’m so happy you found Lisa to help you. She has lots of interesting products. Your skin looks just beautiful. It looks radiant. I know when you are dealing with illness you don’t want to look sick. There may be a few people that want to look sick for sympathy. I believe most of us want to look our best even if we don’t feel it. All the products & steps are working well for you. I binged watched The Long Call & really enjoyed it. I have to finish watching a series on Netflix about the people in Monty Python. I just loved watching the Mont Python tv show & all the movies. They just make me laugh so much. I find I watch Amazon Prime more than Netflix. I’m always adding series & movies all the time. I need a few lifetimes to watch everything. Take care of yourself & your in my prayers. Love you, Lucy

  6. WOW! I am typically your biggest fan (one of a large number anyway!) But this video is just another example of why you are so loved and adored! I love the way you promote other content creators, and promote them! Another thing I loved of this video in particular, is how you said aging is a gift. How often do we think that. But it was just the most beautiful statement! Every video you share, it is so plain to see, you are not only beautiful outside! But have an equally beautiful heart!!! And may I say, you look so unbelievably beautiful with so little makeup!!! Now I need to go watch Wednesday's video, I was gone for a couple of days and need to catch up!!! I love you my dear,precious,beautiful friend!!! Have a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!xoxo

  7. 💕T’es Belle 😍, amazing how good your skin looks. And you are simply beautifull Natalie, talk about resilience. A good role model to get active and try to change what does not work. This time it was your skin, all the tome it is your positive attitude that makes your channel a favorite.
    Be well 👌🏻😘💃🏼🌷

  8. Hi Nathalie! I'm so glad you have found a system that has calmed your skin. Sensitivity from meds is one of those problems that can be difficult to solve, so I'm glad you have found a way to bring your skin back to life!! You look absolutely beautiful. You're glowing and you are a poster child for "makeup optional" skin!! Now off to watch Lisa's video. Take care, my gorgeous Diva and have a wonderful weekend! Love ya… xo Cheryl

  9. Hi my gorgeous diva sista ❤️ I love your fav skincare videos honestly some of the best out there. Your skin is radiant and always so helpful knowing any and all changes your making. You know I’m takin notes over here. Excited to try some of these. Tfs my forever sista. Hugs kisses and love you to pieces Xx Jennifer

  10. Very well said Nat!! 💯 Aging is a blessing, not a privilege. It's NOT A GUARANTEE!! yes skincare is a MUST! I don't enjoy doing it but I do it anyway. I 101% agree, it does take time. WAAAIIIT?? Why do you even bother putting on a foundation?!? Your skin looks so flawless already. You are really doing a good, good job girlfriend!! I can see it!! Huggies and kissies goodnight from the granny. Cheers, Glamma Josie xxx 💖💖💖

  11. Greetings Nathalie! I really enjoyed this video. Your skincare routine sounds amazing! Maybe I can try some of them. Hope you are doing well. Love and blessings ❤ 🙏

  12. Hi sis😘 Nice you tried Lisas skin care ! She is a remarkable gal who really knows her skin! I still wear my makeup and she respects that but without a good canvas makeup means nothing ! I'm a big believer of great skin care! Her cleanser and exfoliator can not be beat! She has so many amazing products ! I've used her Milk of Magnesia and it helps for constipation too! Oh lord I'm joking well it may😂 I like it on my skin every so often lol I never had any issues in the beginning with her products but then again u know how I take care of my skin ! Lisa is one in a million ! Your skin does glow sis ! Much love Babs ❤️❤️

  13. Speaking of the gym … I've often wondered but forgot to ask over these years, do you go to they gym? If not, what do you do for exercise? Thank you for this routine, I'm going to add the MoM LOL! TFS! (HUUUGS) <3 ^ _ ^ <3

  14. Good morning lovely!!! Your skin is glowing and gorgeous!!! Apple cider vinegar and water!! Good inside and out! And Milk if Magnesia! I love that she recommends some natural things like that! Her products sound amazing! Thank you for sharing sweet Nathalie!!! Happy Sunday!!🤗🤗🤗

  15. I love Lisa and I’m thrilled to see the two of you collating. Your skin looks fabulous and I don’t use that word freely. You look great. Xoxo 😘

  16. Milk of magnesia is what Paula Begoun used to recommend. She doesn’t recommend it anymore, now she says it’s damaging. I don’t think she recommended vinegar, though she did say to exfoliate with baking soda. I’ll have to pull out her book, been sitting in my closet since the 80’s.

  17. Your skin looks beautiful Nathalie , I love what Lisa has taught me and so many women about skincare , I will have been in Peaches Skincare for a year on Dec 19 I got my glow back .
    Thanks for sharing, greetings from Vancouver:) 🌷

  18. Im not doing anything right now just cleansing. Got Nuralgia on top my MS is flaring. Never thought I'd feel such pain. Anyway lovely to see you and your advice. xxx loves you ❤ 💖 💓 🐈

  19. Nathalie, your skin looks gorgeous and healthy and beautiful. These sound like amazing products. I have to check them out. I have to try that apple cider vinegar on my face. Thank you for sharing your beautiful skin care tips. Have a great day Nathalie. Lots of love and hugs. ❤️🥰🥰🥰

  20. I have been using Peaches products and following Lisa’s routine for one year now. I think it’s great and always recommend it to others. You can just tell Lisa is a genuinely good person and I love supporting her business.

  21. Nathalie 🧡
    Thank you for trusting me and believing in what I do and how I care for skin. I have been a holistic master esthetician for almost 4 decades and one thing I know for sure is that …
    We all have normal healthy skin and it is what we do to it daily and weekly and monthly that changes it. Taking care of our skin and having beautiful healthy skin can be so easy if you have the tools and the faith to do things right. Aging is a beautiful thing and we don’t need to erase ourselves with invasive procedures for the standards of society. Wabi sabi embracing the imperfections of life and in ourselves and aging a beautiful gift 🙌🏻
    You look so beautiful with no make up Nathalie! You are a beautiful PEACHY example! 🍑🙌🏻🧡Lisa

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