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Girl get a Doula with Wasidah Francois (NYC Holistic Health, Wellness Specialist)

Wasidah is a well-known NYC Holistic Health, Wellness Specialist. She brings 7+ years of experience in Personal Consulting and Community Programs and Workshops across Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Health & Wellness and excels in Workshop Development, Facilitation, Programming, Public Speaking, Outreach, Advocacy, Fundraising, Events, and Activities. She is certified as a Sound Bath Practitioner with Sacral Sounds as well as a certified doula with Mama Glow, the National Black Doula Association, and The NAFSA Project School (a traditional Moroccan doula program). Additionally, she is a certified personal trainer and has a professional background in fashion, which includes a B.A. in Fashion Design and working as a stylist with Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Bloomingdale’s. She enjoys helping women and encouraging them to get healthy and stay healthy during pregnancy.

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