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Genital Warts Treatment Using The 2 Main Methods

What eventually became my report and this website happened more by accident than anything else. Back when I was going through this myself in 2006, I tried some stuff from online (various oils, creams and traditional wart remover) but that didn’t work at all so I started experimenting with some things out of books my girlfriend had that the time and a combination of that ended up working for me and then over time I just kept re-writing and refining the report based on feedback I got from other people so it now covers a wide amount of knowledge I didn’t have when I first started.

Even when I add new information, I try to keep the report small and concise so it can be mailed easily and also so you can read it in 10-15 minutes and get started on the treatment as soon as possible. Right now my report is 12 pages and has everything I’ve learned about getting rid of the warts and keeping them gone (based on what I did back when I was treating myself, plus more things I’ve learned in the years since then.)

There are 2 main parts; the first part is about getting rid of the warts you can see, and the second part is about some anti-viral techniques you can do to help the immune system deal with the virus with the goal of making it go dormant (for some people this happens naturally and some people need help; since I like to err on the side of caution, its best to follow the full instructions just in case.) There are 2 main methods for getting rid of the warts, which I call method 1 and 2. The main difference between them is that method 2 is a more powerful version. Statistically, method 2 is the most successful.

The normal protocol for following the treatments is to try method 1 for 10 to 12 days or so and see if there are any changes in how the warts look during that time. If so, continue with it until they’re gone OR until you reach a point where they’ve stopped improving. If you don’t see changes after 10 days of method 1, then switch to method 2 which is more powerful. On some people its possible for method 1 to have no effect at all, while method 2 makes ALL the difference, so that’s why the first part of the treatment is just experimenting to find out which one is best. This seems to take care of MOST of the people who get my report and I recently added some NEW research (this year) that should help fill in the gaps for the rare cases that need a different treatment.

I am at the computer tending to customers and answering people’s e-mail questions every single day, sometimes even on weekends if I have extra time. All this is a work in progress so what you get is the most complete, up-to-date information on how to get rid of genital warts for good that I currently know about. All the information has been either tested by me personally OR confirmed through tests and reports on countless people sending me feedback over e-mail and the phone.

Bottom line is: If I had it to do all over again, this is the ONLY information I personally would use.


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