Full Body Workout For Muscle Building (Advanced Routine)

Here’s a full body workout for muscle building which I’m doing now as a part of lean gaining and strength building.

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The plan has been going great so far, I’ve made a lot of progress, and the recovery seems to be on point with the extra calories and sleep.

When training with six full body sessions per week, it’s important to manage your stress and recovery.

Getting 8-9 hours of sleep and providing your body with plenty of calories coming 95% from healthy sources is critical.

In the voice-over of this workout, I decided to discuss a bit how to approach training as you progress from beginner to intermediate and all the way to the advanced stage.

As a beginner, it’s a very good idea to train everything and invest time into full body routine as well as Upper/Lower splits.

Your primary focus is to learn technique, get stronger and see how your body is growing.

You want to see which part of your body are growing faster, which ones are lagging behind a bit.

The key as a beginner is trusting the process and putting in maximum effort into learning instead of worrying about when the results are going to come.

Things take time, and stressing about it won’t get you there faster.

Now, as an intermediate lifter, once you have a year or 2 of training under your belt it’s time to look more into more complex routines.

As an intermediate trainee, manipulating training volume (reps x sets x weight) plays a vital role in this stage.

Learning how to periodize your training in different phases and seeing which body parts need more work is a really good idea.

You want to focus a lot on your strong areas of the physique and hammer those.

Then as an advanced lifter, after 4-5+ years of proper training, it’s time to address weak areas and potentially even tailor your routine to bring up certain body parts while maintaining other parts.

Sometimes it’s necessary to do this if you want to take your body to the next level.

A key component of for all three categories will be progressive overload.

And this doesn’t just mean adding more weight but also improving technique and hitting more reps.

Specifically for beginners, your technique is the most important part.

And to build an impressive body in one year, it’s probably going to require working with a coach, so you know precisely what to do.

Changes take time, most people don’t lose their health overnight, it’s what happens over the course of years and months that accumulates into the result.

As a natural lifter, it’s a good idea to talk years instead of months.

It took me six years to build a decent physique, and that’s with nearly 100% consistency with healthy habits.

And it’s not just gym and diet.

All this time I’ve improved sleep, overall lifestyle, learning, reading, focusing, sacrificing, taking a ton of action, stress, dealing with being imperfect, negatively, social support, losing friends, making new friends, etc…

Of course, these factors have different effects, but they all play somewhat of a role of you sticking with the habits that lead to progress.

Talk soon, Mario

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27 thoughts on “Full Body Workout For Muscle Building (Advanced Routine)

  1. Hey man.I'm about to try your fitness model plan but I have some questions.

    1.I don't have six days a week to workout.What modifications can I do?
    2.Leg extensions hurt my knees,can I remove them from the program?
    3.I'm a skinny guy,would you still recommend doing cardio more than once a week?


  2. Hey Mario,

    This is unrelated to the subject of the video, but I have a question about soups. Typically, soups are very watery, but I really enjoy a Turkish soup, named ''Mercimek Çorbası". The Wikipedia page for lentil soup doesn't look like how I make it, but my question is the difference between a thick soup and a watery soup. Does it matter? Are there health impacts to it?

    To my knowledge, the lentil soup is quite low in calories, and it really fills me well, but I am unsure if it is actually that healthy, because it really adds to my weight. Is that influenced by the fact that my body just has to process it, for example overnight?

    Thank you very much! Keep up the great work!


  3. Mario, can you make gains training in the morning. I have to train 6am before work and find I struggle to get up. Any tips on how to make this transition easier? Should I eat high/lower carb meal before bed? Any suggestion much appreciated.

  4. Nice video, workouts look good. I might have to mute after a little bit of the video. You can only listen so much to motivational workout and realistic physique expectations. Still…good workouts to add.

  5. How do you do 6 full body workouts a week ? I'm just wanting to know how you do that and I wanted to ask you about what you think about leroy colbert's method of full body workouts, he used to recommend atleast 3 sets per muscle but I can manage 6 sets so I do 2 exercises per muscle group and it has 3 sets each but for the muscle I'm prioritising I'd do 4 sets per muscle , which is structured in push pull way. What do you think about this way of training ? It would be great if you could reply (:

  6. I have a two part question for you, my coach. What does doing enough reps to achieve a desired "Time under Tension (TUT) " mean exactly? And does going almost to muscle failure achieve the same thing. Helen

  7. hi mario, im curious to try your fullbody everyday split. i stoped bro splits for quite long time, so im doing push pull legs or upper/lower. If i do this fullbody split, it means i wont rest a muscle for 48 hours. thats not a problem for growth? what is your science base for this matter? the norwegian project? would be cool if you did a video talking about this in general, I dont find any science guru talking about this specific. thanks bro

  8. I love how you put a lot of common reasoning and explanation to your videos. I feel like I am listening to an experienced friend versus a coach. Would also love to see a beginner weight training video for females. :))) #askmario

  9. Man you count every rep like its all about progressive overload it kinda is not fun to work out anymore i only track big five bench squat deadlift bb rows OHP

  10. I started your MT intermediate workout this week. I've been working out for 2 years and Thai boxing once a week. I'm at a plateau and I'm never sore. My body hasn't changed in the last year. Should I go to muscle failure? Also those squat workouts hurt my back, maybe I'm just weak in that area. FYI, I'm 46 years old.

  11. Mario!!! help please…I have no idea how it happened but…OK so I think I might be doing it right this time…anyway I'm going about a "body recomposition" plan I made myself…I am assuming that I am doing it right if my weight has gone up just about a half pound (135.3 [last Monday morning] to 135.8 [this morning) and bodyfat is down (according to my undoubtedly inaccurate yet consistent) sorta fancy scale from 18.6% to 18.0% does this change(s) mean I've gained enough muscle to weigh that much more and lost around that amount of bodyfat?? As far as I know in "body recomposition" that's the idea…to gain muscle and lose bodyfat. If I'm doing it right all by myself then I guess I'm on the right track. Please help?

  12. Hey Mario, what kind of a training volume you find to be the most appropriate for most advanced trainees for most body parts in your coaching experience?

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