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From Bump to Baby with Molly and Manju | East Bay Newborn Photographer | Bojana Korach Photography

When I was first contacted by Molly about the maternity session, it was such a short notice. Their scheduled photographer didn’t show up the day of the session and they needed someone quick to fill in. Luckily, I was able to move things around to fit them in because only two days after our maternity session Molly went into labor. I am also super glad that we were able to make it work because I got to meet the sweetest couple ever and we didn’t miss out on capturing these very precious memories.

About the Maternity Session

Molly and Manju picked the Lafayette Reservoir as their location for the maternity photoshoot. Normally the Lafayette Reservoir is not my first choice but in this case, it was the only right choice for the couple. They got married there a year prior and for them the Lafayette Reservoir is a special place. During the entire session these two acted like they are still on their honeymoon. It was so obvious to me how much love is between them. Also, during this session, I’ve grown to love this location and now it will definitely be on my list of favorite spots. I especially loved going close to the water’s edge and getting those beautiful sunset shots. The session was so easy for me and I really enjoyed Molly and Manju’s company and once it was all over, I was so excited to meet their baby girl.

About the Newborn Session

Thankfully, I didn’t have to wait that long until their baby was born. Exactly two days after our maternity session, Molly delivered a very healthy and beautiful baby girl. Newborn photo session was scheduled soon after and it was photographed at their beautiful home in the Orinda hills.

Side Note

I’ve been hearing lately terrible stories about professional photographers not being so professional. For example, I have friends who did the session but never got their photos afterwards or in this case where photographer never even showed up to the session. Imagine being all dressed up with make-up and ready to go and then your photographer is a no show. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, please please please do your homework. Research the photographer and read his/her reviews. Also, it’s a good idea to put down the deposit and sign a contract. There is a lot of us out there which makes the right choice that much more difficult. Family mementos such as images documenting special events in one’s lives have to be important to photographer as much as they are to you.

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