Growing up with autism has made me have the ability to think on the level from the perspective of a child who has autism.

Dear Teacher,

I know you already do a lot of work, and teaching is no easy job. However, I have something you may want to know about me: I have a disability. I may be a special needs child and my needs may be greater than other children, but I still love to learn. You may sometimes wonder if you are doing enough to support my learning needs and worried if you are doing things the wrong way… but please, don’t worry!! You are putting in great effort to help me learn and grow. You are the most powerful superhero I know. You believe in me and other children with special needs. You help make us become champions so we can make a difference on others just like you do. I like how you believe in us and it’s important to keep believing in us, because we will keep showing you how incredible your superpowers are and the influence it had on us. A disability is not an inability, it is just a different ability, an ability in which we do things a bit differently. We want you to keep doing the amazing job you are doing to help us someday beat the odds and have jobs that make a difference to the world just like you do to us.


Child with a Disability


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