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FORCES – a bromance between a straight military guy and a gay football player.

Forces is a short film that captures the intense bromance between a straight military guy and a gay football player. Friends since childhood, the boundaries of their relationship are forged and tested.
Forces reflects upon friendship and masculinity. Winner of the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the Image+Nation Film Festival in Montreal, Canada.
Dominic Poliquin directs this captivating short film which crackles with emotional turbulence and sexual tension. Actors Nicola Tomassini and Benoit Gauvin effortlessly capture the sacred balance in a bromance.

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– [Narrator] My father wanted me to do something with my life. I guess I joined the army because of him, although I wasn’t really in the mood to go to Afghanistan. And that’s Pat. You better not call him a fag. Pat and I had been across the river neighbors for what seems like forever. Pat preferred playing with gas than playing with my toys. Okay, let’s say he’s a sexually frustrated pyromaniac. The thing was, he always pushed everything too hard, to be like one of the boys. And that’s how Pat got suspended from his team back then. I was home on leave and I pushed him to hang out together. We’d been out in the world, away from our old ways of being easy with each other, so we hung out at my parent’s yard. I told him about my nightmares, the typical ones before a mission. Explosion, my potential death and the visions that follow. I asked him if he was sad that I’d soon be sent away. He answered.

– You’re fucked up.

– It hurt me because it’s true. I am fucked up. There was a time when we used to train together. He was the only one able to put up with me. I assume I must have been a pain to be with, you know, with my ups and downs. I was scared to die in Afghanistan, so I asked Pat to drive over my leg. It needed to pass for an accident. At the very moment I thought he was gonna do it, he looks at me and says.

– I’m leaving.

– [Narrator] God knows I’m 100% straight, but maybe it would’ve been easier to be like Pat. Maybe it would’ve been simpler. My dream was to find a wife, have a home full of kids. I saw myself taking over my parents’ house one day, when they took off to go traveling the world.


50 thoughts on “FORCES – a bromance between a straight military guy and a gay football player.

  1. I don't know. Gay films always seem to have an element of being unsuccessful in any relationships, even in comedies. We are always on the receiving end of being alone & unhappy or happy and alone. Is it a prequisite in the film industry? It most definitely has an affect on many of us who are already having difficult times in our lives while media keeps reaffirming it to us. It's also having to live with being single, as many of us are today while struggling not to be. May be one of the reasons we have high suicide rates where we are celebrating how unsuccessful we are at forming long term relationships. Not something to be proud of. I try not to watch too many. It's depressing.

  2. Too forced for me. Not enough emotional build up as to how these guys are the way they are. I don't know how to write it into a short, but the writers assume we can track with this hyper masculinity and immediately bond with them or something. The whole thing seemed like cramming stuff in. It wasn't believable for me.

  3. Okay! So, after seeing what I saw @3:15, I got SUPER uncomfortable and my my face was literally like this 🤢😵😱! And I know I'd end up seeing something like that like I always do and shouldn't have to and I have also decided that I've seen enough and don't want to see anymore of this video. Thank you very much! 🤢🤢😨😱😷🤒 I really don't need and/or want to see anymore of this video. Thank you! 😨😱

  4. It is possible for love to overcome gender boundaries, and to create a very unexpected relationship. Sometimes that relationship may include intimacy of one kind or another. Some times it is only a "decision" whether the line is crossed or not. Just a DECISION.

  5. No one is the US military is straight.
    If you're a man and in the US military.
    You're either a homosexual or bisexual.

    They're no heterosexual men in the US military.

  6. ~^< ❤ >^~ and ~^< ❤ >^~ WE ARE THE SANCTUARY, THE HEALING PLACE…
    Things pivoting, tilting, and turning unto and into simple consciousness. Being human is necessary now, and quite all right. ……..
    Was powerfully taken by this film again and enough that I checked out the others, and it has to have been a year or more since watching them. This was hauntingly beautiful. All of your films have had that same kind of integrity and steadiness. Apparently I did not leave a comment then that I can see, but all your work is unequivocably unpredictable as life is, and wonderful. I had forgotten the actual attempted intimacy and the 'redeeming' leg fracture, a grace note of sorts in their lives. Again, thank you !!

  7. I am sorry but maybe I am missing it..that emotional turbulence and all. It is much of a cliche, a football trying to be masculine to hide his gaiety and military guy trying to engage in a gay intimacy. Quite old typical american tale. Depth is missing… doesn't seem like it is worth a Grand Jury award!!

  8. This is a worthy effort, but I have trouble telling who is who–it's confusing. If they'd call each other's name or something. Nevertheless–a highly worthy effort. Is this the total film?

  9. So the army guy didn't leave for Afghanistan and both men went off to start there lives. The next summer they both returned to their parents homes across the river. Over the course of that year, the soldier had married had rehabilitation nurse who helped him walk again. He really didn't lover her but he felt it was the straight thing to do to impress his family. The fire loving football player had quit football and became a firefighter during their year apart. Being a fire fighter gave him the thrill he craved from starting fires as a kid while letting him bond with men at the fire house, but he could never seem to make a romantic relationship last because he always compared his lovers to his true love. His neighbor from across the river. So to make a long story short. After a intense summer of drinking and drunken fondling the 2 friends made angry love at the rivers edge on there last night together and the next day they went there separate ways. The end

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