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Every time a consumer eats, they are reliant on many stages of the food supply chain to ensure that their food is safe and of substantial quality. The food supply chain commonly begins in the paddock and progresses through various stages including preparation, packing, warehousing, distribution, processing, presentation and service. Every part of the supply chain must be responsible for their role in controlling potential hazards that may render foods unsafe or unsuitable for consumers. Most food borne illness incidents are the result of “lack of control of hazards” during one or multiple stages of the “paddock to plate” food chain.

In the current age of rapidly changing legal requirements and rampant litigation, Food Safety Management systems are a prescribed and essential component of all food businesses and their suppliers. Having a well-managed and maintained Food Safety Management System operating within your business need not be an overly complex, expensive or time consuming task. The pre-requisite for any Food Safety Management System is a commitment to science based food hazard analysis, identification and control, and elements that are part of any quality management system: Policy, Structure, Training, Awareness, Responsibility, Communication, Documentation, and Verification. The fundamental scope and purpose of any Food Safety Management System relies on science based knowledge, a comprehensive management system and a willingness to meet the requirements for the production of safe and quality foods for your customers. includes the best online resources, information and training compliance solutions for HACCP, GFSI, Customer and Industry Food Standards and Food Industry Best Practice!


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