Plate Reader

3M Food Safety has released the Petrifilm Plate Reader Advanced, a new automation technology that gives food safety professionals new options to rapidly image, count, and document microbiological colonies on 3M Petrifilm Plates indicator tests. The plate reader is a small, peripheral device containing a five-megapixel camera and versatile bar code reader. The device uses fixed artificial intelligence networks to enumerate 3M Petrifilm Plates, which are inserted into the device. Imaging and information automatically display on a USB-connected computer in fewer than six seconds, and the reader can process up to 900 plates per hour. The device can enumerate 10 3M Petrifilm Plates and the Staph Express Disk and includes software that allows technicians to edit results and add other relevant sample information. 3M Food Safety, 3M.com/petrifilmproductivity

HTS Total Aflatoxins and DON ELISA Kits

PerkinElmer has released the MaxSignal HTS Total Aflatoxins and DON ELISA Kits, which feature automated mycotoxin testing workflows. Using the new assays and automation, food safety QA managers and lab teams at grain processors, feed mills, pet food companies, and contract labs can process up to 192 samples in less than 90 minutes. In addition to the significant improvement in productivity (or sample throughput), the new solutions handle complex matrices with high sensitivity and accuracy. The workflow is designed to “set it and forget it,” which minimizes the need for manual intervention, reducing the risk of manual error and helping the customer meet their regulatory standards. Particularly designed for complex matrices such as finished feed, grains, and oil seed by-products and pet food ingredients, the new automation solution enables aflatoxin and DON analytes to be extracted from a single sample. ELISA assays can also run in parallel. To further deliver ease of use and efficiency, ready-to-use reagents and standard operating procedures are included. Assays are highly sensitive, with detection levels of less than 2.6 ppb for total aflatoxins and 1.6 ppm for DON, well below maximum, regulated residue limits. Providing hands-free sample dilution and distribution, the automated system reduces cross-contamination and features an integrated bar code scanner for sample traceability. It can also integrate with LIMS systems for optimized and convenient result recording and analysis. PerkinElmer, perkinelmer.com/category/food-safety-quality

Peroxide-Based Foaming Detergent

Madison Chemical introduces Pure-OX FOAM, a peroxide-based foaming detergent specifically formulated for tough organic soils on equipment or floors, walls, ceilings, shelves, and other surfaces within food processing environments. With the self-foaming characteristics of peroxide, the detergent provides cleaning power and convenience in a single package. Once the powerful oxidation reaction is complete, the degradation products are oxygen and water, so Pure-OX FOAM will not add salt or conductivity to water discharge, nor will it impact wastewater pretreatment operations. Ideal for foam cleaning, it readily breaks down proteins, fats, greases, oils, and other organic soils found in food and beverage processing facilities, especially dairy, poultry, wine, meat processing, and more. Madison Chemical, madchem.com or solutions@madchem.com.


The Nyle Container Food Dryer features a dehumidification unit, air handling equipment, and touchscreen controls that create a fully controlled climate within the re-engineered shipping container. The customer can choose and customize racks, shelves, trays, and/or carts that the product will be dried on within the container chamber. The dryer is pre-fabricated, can be moved, and can accommodate facility expansion for customers who don’t have the footprint to install a drying system within the walls of their facility. Heat pump dehumidification systems facilitate reduction of product moisture content while maintaining quality characteristics such as color, texture, nutrients, and essential ingredients. Nyle, nyle.com.


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