Florida medical marijuana information

This video I go over the requirements to gain medical marijuana in Florida.


22 thoughts on “Florida medical marijuana information

  1. My nephew has autism and before medical marijuana his condition was very alarming!! After medical marijuana he’s enjoying life and is far better off!!!Please don’t judge what you don’t understand!!!

  2. I also know someone who was on “doctor prescribed drugs” for his seizures and would suffer several times a day!!! Now that he’s been using medical marijuana for 3 years now, he doesn’t have 1 a day!!! Uninformed or misinformed people should do research rather than ridicule!!!

  3. wrong doctors if that is Lisa Beasly's group…DocMJ office visit every 7 months $170. Card fee is $75 a year and then the meds run anywhere from $30-$90 per. They give you low and high THC reccomendation.

  4. If you have never tried a thc edibles you should it's a different high all together just remember to start out slow 5 to 10 mg dose. Now I don't smell like weed all the time. Ever sense I stop smoking cigarettes I can believe how much people stink…

  5. You can google any of these diseases and cannabis utility if you are really interested in the endocannabinoid system and the entourage effect. Cannabinoid causes a new brain cells to grow for starters and also gets rid of plaque that causes Alzheimer’s. It reverses some of the autism to give the person a better quality of life. They are not taking it to get high just taking it as medicine. Often times patience try to minimize getting high and maximize the medicinal effects. It’s not all about getting high. In fact, it is the opposite for truly sick people. You should be careful because you can still have a panic attack.

  6. It's all about the government squeezing every last dime that they can out of us they just figured out another way to get more money from us it would have never been illegal in the first place if they could have figured out how to tax it back then. They took it away because they have control issues and then they realized it wasn't stopping anybody anyway so they might as well make some money off it.

  7. Pot is what's best for you it's too bad all the bad B.S. over what most doctors have now,pot helps with my epilepsy I have been able to live without many severe symptoms for over 30 years.

  8. Why do you need to go thru all this mumbo jumbo, if you want to smoke then find some kid selling it on the streets and buy it from them, why go thru this hassle and expense, just ask around you'll find a dealer somewhere

  9. hi this is only my opinion
    pot to me caused me to almost eat everything in my frig I ran out of food
    before my paycheck 😭
    lucky for me I worked in a kitchen of a state hospital no dumpster
    diving for me I leftovers
    well one good note I like
    your video about the worms I have 24 Canadian worms they don't speak French 🤗
    Thank you have a great day 👵🐟♎🕊🙊🙉🙈
    well I try to hold my tongue at the doctors
    office I really try 🙄🤔😖🤢🤮 this what they get.

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