Fix Your Torn Meniscus Without Surgery

A torn meniscus can cause pain on the inside or outside of the knee, behind the knee, and locking when trying to straighten the knee.
Research shows, that exercise may be all that’s needed to fix this problem instead of surgery.
In this video, I go over the range of motion, stretching, and strengthening exercises you need to get your knee feeling better:)

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33 thoughts on “Fix Your Torn Meniscus Without Surgery

  1. Hey Dr. E – I'm going to be trying these and have hardwood floors. What type (and thickness) of mat do you suggest? I'm 6'2" and about 200lbs, and have L and C fusions. Thanks, & thanks for the videos… they're enspiring.

  2. Kristie, this seems to help me! I,m a Painting Contractor whose always going up and down 40 ladders! Also I I train in the gym for 30yrs, was a Power bench press and heavy Squat guy! Now its caught up with me! I still train! Two weeks ago I did hack squats and did something just like you said to my knee@ i,mm following you're Vido! I noticed when I bike ride it feels very Comfortable on my Keens! I ll Stay with you're Routine! THANKS!😊👍

  3. Thank you. for me lately it has been hard to walk up and down stairs over and over again because one day my knees started to hurt for no reason, but your video just now just helped me. Right now, it hurts to lift my leg up but when it's down not so much. Also, I found myself lately to walk done to the first floor on the painful leg/knee. but walking to the second floor of my home on the less painful knee/leg one step at a time with both feet on the same step. I don't even know how my knee began to hurt or when it started to be honest. Lastly, I will favorite this video so that I can come back to it.

  4. Very misleading title to this video. A torn meniscus can't be fixed or healed without surgery, that's just a scientific fact!

  5. I absolutely would NOT do the hamstring stretch. Tight hamstrings are the result of weak hamstrings and under activated hip flexors. Hamstrings should be “stretched” under eccentric load. Most static stretches are not beneficial at all…only in the temporary. Activation of each muscle, and it’s antagonist, is the way to loosen things up. Also, this is a carbon copy of Eric Wong’s method, published a year earlier. However his is more comprehensive and doesn’t include stretching.

  6. My first comment, My age is 29 ,doctors said I have torn my meniscus ,but I don't have pain in my knee,I can walk ,sleep etc but still I feel that I can't run ,i walk lame ,something is abnormal, not like before ,Do I need a surgery, that's my question, please reply😪or it may heal on its own???

  7. Can these exercises or other kinds aid my knee post surgery, after decades of scare tissue build up? I walk every day and use a total gym to strengthen my knees, but the pain is very bad at times. Thank you.

  8. So glad people alike present these videos… "your hard work and efforts are never done in vain." Thx for spreading the knowledge. It is a duty for one to spread what they know. you did and with good spirit and intent. Seen similar videos… liked how yours is "half short but twice strong!" Explanations basic and void of exessive medical explanations. Got straight to it and done; Tried your exercises seconds after watching. God bless & much appreciated.

  9. I tore cartilage in my right knee playing basketball 45 years ago. I tore cartilage in my left knee 7 years ago, playing basketball.
    Long story short I didn’t have surgery on either knee. Instead I started swimming freestyle 3-6 times a week, and stretching everyday. I eventually worked my way up to lifting weights, and riding bicycle. I currently play tennis 2-3 times a week, swim, run on the elliptical, and bicycle. I have no knee pain, or swelling. I ice both knees for 20 minutes after playing tennis.

  10. Hi, I got a grade 3 medial meniscus tear, Can it be repaired through exercise? Here is what report says: " Grade lll tear is seen involving medial meniscus, involving both anterior and posterior horns with

    body region. Lateral meniscus is normal in size, shape, position and signal intensity."

  11. I had Meniscus surgery in '09 retore it in '17 rehabbed in , NOW retore it in August '22 I was told after MRI I'm told I need surgery …. Doctor Ennis what can I do ?

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