The fire and light of Aries Season (now through April 19th of 2021) kicks off a New Year for the Zodiac cycle, and that means it’s an invitation into action.

It’s the start of Spring, the blooming is just beginning, and the energy of Aries is bold and forward-thinking!

Let’s look at some prosperous ways to Feng Shui your Aries Season brilliantly!

Harness the goal-getting, manifesting power of Aries season to elevate your life!

Start by freeing yourself from toxic ties.

If you’ve got vampire energy draining you in your life, this post may be able to help.

Now is a time to shine on your own: independently, proudly and like a diamond.

So, if you’re having a lot of difficulty with toxic relationships at the moment, simply spending more time alone, immersed in your goals, dreams and energizing can be absolutely life-changing as a starting point!

Also, free yourself from any stuff that’s lingered too long in your life, weighing you down.

Dump the clutter. Stay vigilant about it. Take your time. Keep on going. The rewards of dumping this stuff are endlessly amazing.

Create your own method of “productivity.”

Now is a great time to learn how YOU do best to organize your days. Maybe you use a planner. Maybe you don’t like planners and you get a nifty productivity app that you feel truly “gets” you?! Maybe you use your computer calendar or an old school paper one. You might Bullet Journal or you might be using a college ruled notebook to make to-do lists.

What works for you?

Now is a great time to explore every option and find out what personalized method can take your time-and-energy management to the next level!

Take a creative risk that feels incredibly right.

It’s always a great time to take a creative leap in life, but when we’re heading into the active part of the year, initiating this zodiac cycle with intention that’s moved by action is epic!

What have you been thinking about that hasn’t gotten done yet?

I have three projects that will be done in the next three weeks that are some of my biggest creative risks in a long time and also long overdue! It feels like it’s got to be now. Like, I will not feel 2021 is in motion until these start getting done, 100,000%.

Is it time to take a class, start the website, make a move, DIY a renovation, apply for new jobs, set up your new side hustle or anything else?!

I can’t wait to hear about how it goes when you get it going!

Make time for things that fire you up physically!

Physical action is an Aries season supercharger. I’m adding an extra Pilates class every week and doing more hiking. You might start jogging or stretching your morning walk a few miles longer. Maybe you learn a sport, like golf or tennis?

It’s time to sit less and move more to keep your energy in momentum-building motion!

Educate yourself on social issues and how you can advocate for positive changes in your community.

I have a pile of books on the way to keep going on my continuing cycle of study and action in my own community. There’s so much to learn on issues of racial and economic justice, climate, animal rights… and… the list will never stop… And, there’s so much work to do.

Now is a great time to really root yourself in the issues that are calling to you, learn all you can and find ways to be a beacon for change!

Let more sun stream into your life.

Get up earlier if you can do soak in more sunlight. Open windows or curtains for more sunlight. See if you can spend at least a half hour outside when the sun is shining, every day it shines.

There’s a lot of energy in the rays of the sun and to be immersed in them is revitalizing on a potent level!

And, enjoy it all. All this creative action is where you’ll start to feel your life expanding in size, quite literally, and filling up with so much positivity and abundance!



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