There are so many things about the Lunar New Year of the Metal Ox that are amazing. My favorite part of these energy themes is the steadfast consistency of getting stronger every day.

It’s easy to coast and when things are going well- and I think it’s probably healthy to do that so that you’re energy gets restored and you fully enjoy your days. But… it’s always been far superior for me to commit to a regular rhythm or creating and making things that are awesome– even at a bare minimum– to keep the electricity flowing and life always building.

You don’t have to be at a Level 10 all the time, not at all, but this Lunar New Year has helped me to commit to a few things daily that I’m apt to do infrequently… and it feels exciting an stabilizing to have this set up for the year ahead!

Here is so much more about the Lunar New Year of the Ox for you to enjoy, mediate on and capitalize on in 2021!

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