'Fair choice': NYC health workers must get vaccine or test weekly

Calling it a “fair choice,” Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Wednesday that all New York City health workers will either be required to be vaccinated or receive weekly COVID tests.

Starting August 2, all NYC Health + Hospitals staff and health department clinical workers must either show one time proof of vaccination or a weekly negative COVID test.

De Blasio said they are “trying to strike a balance” by offering employees a choice.

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By admin

15 thoughts on “'Fair choice': NYC health workers must get vaccine or test weekly”
  1. I’m a home care worker. I’ve been testing weekly before the vaccine was invited! It’s no big deal to me. And I’m not getting vaccinated until June 2021

  2. Welcome to the New World Order Luciferian Agenda 2021.

    Wear masks? Pro-jab?
    You've made a huge mistake.

    Get ready for your future to become very difficult, you
    Fu🤷‍♂️king morons.

  3. If you don't get the thing and tested weekly and then get sick ,workers comp, check out known hazards in the work place , cfr or osha website for understanding your safety concerns

  4. And of course they will have POSITIVE test results and then there will be a, “Okay, you tested POSITIVE, so we MUST give you a vaccine.” This is horrible, not everyone is a SHEEP😏. They really pushing this vaccine, wonder why🧐.

  5. Weekly? No, they should get sacked for being irresponsible! Outrageous! If they're a superspreader, they could give it to up to 100 people. And that can mean death for some if they're old or immuno-compromised.

  6. I am definitely on board to get the jab by my LORD JESUS CHRIST his blood flows through me. My job can test me but I was already vaccinated by the LORD JESUS CHRIST

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